Friday, January 26, 2007

Sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever... rest?

Okay, thank God, it's not that bad. Just the sniffling sneezing coughing, and not too much of the rest. But thank God, I'm better today than yesterday (when I was on stage with occluded nostrils - I theatrically blew my nose on stage, and the audience laughed, thinking I was kidding. I was not.). The girl is only a little congested, but she's back to not really eating. Oh, she nurses some and eats some, but not a lot by any stretch. Doesn't matter who's feeding her either.

Today she ate as follows:
5 AM: nursed a lot
7:30 AM: nursed a little
Between 9 AM and 2 PM: ... about 90 ml of mommymilk (I sent 150, grumble grumble), a couple bites of gefilte fish, a couple bites of applesauce and cereal, maybe about half a cracker, maybe a bite of quinoa.
From then until bedtime: some 3 minute nursings (reiterate grumbles), two slices of clementina, one bite of applesauce and cereal, a few Gerber fruit puff star things (only once she puts them into your mouth, of course), 1.5 strawberries, and probably about 1/4 cup of strawberry yogurt (that was the only success of the day).
Since bedtime: nursed once.

It's enough, but... it's not... okay fine, it's fine, she's still wonderful and growing and perfect. But I'm having sympathy with sterotypical Jewish grandmothers throughout history - ess, ess mine tochter!

The picture above is from the camera of Saba at the mall the other day.

The last two performances went wonderfully, B"H, and now Michelle of Michelleandnathan (all one word back in high school) fame is sleeping over, here on her Find a Place to Live Before We Move There trip. And my parents are coming in less than a week! Such a whirl of gaity we're in, and if you recognize the source of that phrase you win a prize.


Anonymous said...

My guess is the Princess Bride-Tzipporah r
P.S. Have an awesome Shabbos

brenderan said...

So with your busy busy life right now, are YOU finding enough time to drink plenty of fluids and be calm while you try nursing? SR knows when you are stressed too, don't forget. Are you all super excited yet to see the Houston grandparents?

Faye Berman said...

I updated!