Friday, January 05, 2007

Toch in the tub

She's so smunchy...

She's got this congestion in the back of her throat again, poor dear. So I'm applying this great psuedo Vapo-rub stuff, which really does seem to help, and we finally today bought a heater for her room, which includes a little water chamber to help keep things humid. We need to buy a humidifier too.

By request, I took a couple more videos of the girl in the tub, and as soon as Google is done processing them (man, Wonkavision takes less time...) I'll post them.

Now it's 1 AM, I've made my orange cornbread (tasted it - a little disappointing), my pineapple kugel (excuse to have cake during the meal) and my salami spinach kugel (smells gooooood), oh, and a cake too which I ended up leaving in the oven too long, but will redeem by adding whipped cream and strawberries.

So, 1 AM and the babolicious has already woken up twice to eat. Sigh.

A wonderful shabbos to you all, if I don't get to post tomorrow.

(okay, now video update!)


Anonymous said...

im feeling all "faclemped" those videos are beautiful. i cant wait to hang out with sr-tzipporah rabinowicz

Naomi said...

what a yum! She is such a happy delicious baby! (Wonkavision...tee hee).