Sunday, January 21, 2007

What are you, chicken?

Tomorrow begins the whirlwind adventure of being in this play whilst being responsible for a baby. Let's hear it for husbands... and metapelets... and friends who are doing babysitting (thanks Nech and Rivka!)... and random strangers who are babysitting (albeit highly recommended strangers).

Here's the video I promised you (as well as one of the promotional shots from the set). Off to pack my rubber chicken, poker playing cards and bag of feathers (it's not easy being a gangster - I only get my violin case at the theater tomorrow).


debbie said...

boo this is the second movie that hasnt worked for me... cmon i need entertaunment at these 3 am feedungs! why do u suppose it isnt working?
well hatzlscha w the play. im sure ull make a great gangster (is that a compliment??)

Anonymous said...

i dont what is more delicious sarah rochel or your shabbos cooking? -tzipporah r

oldsharfblondroomie said...

Too cute enjoy her! I am still waiting for you to email me.