Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She Who Insists On Feeding Herself

I'm exhausted.

Yoav has got some sick thing, some nasty stuff in his lungs or something, that he's trying to clear up before Poland. Yikes, feel better!

The girl and I are fine, tired but fine. She was tired - she hardly napped today - but she's been asleep for two hours now, and gosh, I wish I was too. Goodnight!

Bit the bullet

We did it! We bought the $250 car seat! Except, of course, we only paid $170 - whew! Here it is - imagine, cheaper just because it's a brilliant shade of purple - hurray! The pic is a link to the site in case any of you need to buy the same.

We also bought this umbrella stroller, which is what we wanted, so now we're all set for the gear to use in America over Pesach! Yippee!

Oh, um, we're all fine here too. :) The girl took a major long nap-then wake up and eat and fall back asleep for an hour more thing this afternoon, so we're all well rested. Wait, so why am I blogging at midnight? Gotta go! Goodnight, and may visions of sugarplums and car seats dance in your heads.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

House 1, blog 0

I've been lousy about blogging lately... Well, compared to SOME of my friends (you know who you are), I've been great, but for all of you used to a daily blog, I apologize for letting you down.

The dishes are winning, so I must go, but wanted to post a couple shots.

Her new trick is putting her hands on her head, perfect for playing "yadaim lemaala al ha rosh" with Savta (who will be here part of the time Yoav is in Poland, hurray!).

How cute is she with the cardigan and petticoatful plaid skirt?

Today I was a little sick of all her winter clothes, so we broke out the pretty dress Great Aunt Lisa gave us and wore it skater-style (pardon me, sk8er).

And when did she get these mondo CHEEKS!? Her little poulkas ain't so little no more either - who said she's allowed to grow up and change!?

Enjoy all the pics, gotta go attack more dishes... (get them before they get you is the idea here)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Your message here

Travel Plans Update Two: Yoav is going to Poland! He's going to be the medic-and-additional-rabbinical-staff whosits on one of his seminary's trip to Poland in a couple weeks. Ah, Poland! Beautiful land of snow and soot and death! He'll be gone 10 days, which means when he returns I have MAJOR dirty diaper leverage.

We'll miss him. Again. Sigh.

Happy to report that the girl continues fabulously, improving in health, thank God! Her father and I aren't getting enough sleep though. I have a dream... a dream of answering all my emails on the same day as I receive them... a dream of washing dishes on the same day they were dirtied... a dream where a little white load and a little black load could be washed on the same day... a dream where I sleep through the night... (end of speech cut off by snores)

Enjoy pics of the girl helping me with laundry.

Oh, and reader responses are welcome... I need to buy a car seat for the babe since she'll be outgrowing her infant one soon (jeepers!). Do I really need this? (scroll down for the cowmooflage...)

Doesn't our cheeks-to-cheeks warranty cover things like this?

She has strepp, do you believe it? And I was so sure she was doing better! Well, actually, she may be (although she had a fever again today), but we're not messing around, she's on antibiotics again.

I was speaking to someone tonight who nursed for two years and said how her daughter was almost never sick, and the other kids in her gan are on antibiotics every few weeks, etc.

And I said, wow - imagine if I WASN'T nursing Prunella.

It does seem like she's been sick a lot this winter, but B"H, BA"H nothing has been really bad. A bit miserable, but nothing scary, nothing even really really messy (don't want to push the limits of those diapers too much ya know) - I really can't complain!

Travel Plans Update: We have our tickets for Pesach - hurray! We'll be in NY for the bulk of the trip, but will make it to Houston for a couple days prior to the holiday itself to visit grandparents, etc (who we kidding - it's just so the grandparents can see the greatgranddaughter! We're just escorts). Then we all - and I mean WE all, with my folks - fly up to NY for chag.

Off for an early night. Goodnight dear ones, and may Mashiach come soon so we can happily cancel all of the above arrangements.

Still here

Sorry, it's a busy week. I had a rehersal for a Purim shpiel two nights ago, a wedding last night, a bar mitzvah tonight - thank God! But boy, we're pooped.

Today was the first day the girl didn't have a fever since, gosh, Thursday night. The doc we saw (it was ours' day off) wasn't overly concerned, but he had us do a urine sample. That's a blast with a baby - attach plastic bag with adhesive, close diaper, wait and hope for the best. Our little Wiggle Worm peed, bless her, but moved around enough that most of it went out of the bag. A few drops got in, and it was enough, B"H, so we're waiting for the results of that.

And she's been waking every night not to eat, just to be awake a little, but no more writhing, so we BA"H are ruling out worms for now. Blech.

And my eyes are closing, so goodnight for the moment!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Half-lidded update

Falling asleep, must go, but just wanted to let you all know that the girl is, well, better, I guess. I mean she still has a fever, but except for not eating much or drinking much she's basically fine... Oh, and except for waking up like an hour ago for no good reason (didn't want to eat, wasn't writhing or anything... just up!) she's really totally normal. She did go to the metapelet today. We'll see what happens the day after today.* Goodnight!

*I had to write that after my fourth try to spell 'tommmmorrrrrow' correctly. We be tired.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The beginning of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning

She's eleven months old now - wow! When did that happen?

Doc on Friday weighed her in at 7.75 kilo, which is just over 17 pounds - hurray! Doc says her weight is almost back up to the curve it was on months ago, and she's happy, we're happy, it's all good, thank God.

Toch did have a fever over shabbos though, but otherwise seemed totally fine; a trifle fragile, but fine, playing and happy and eating. So when she started crying around 11:30 PM, I thought her fever was back up, so I measured out a dose of ibuprofen and went in there. No fever, B"H! Nursed a little, slept for five minutes, and then...! She was up for almost the next hour, crying (she cried enough to make her throw up a bit, poor dear - way to go Yoav for keeping it off her pajamas AND the rug!) and writhing a bit.

Since the doc had explained that eating rocks in the park can lead to worms, which often only bother the baby at night, we - joy! - checked her for worms with a flashlight (the things they don't tell you about when you're trying to have a baby), but she was seemingly clean. She ate a lot of cauliflower over shabbos, so maybe she's gassy, give her the old gas medicine (read: force feed it to her), writhe writhe, cry cry, soothe soothe, and by now she's been upset so long she feels feverish again. So dose her with the ibuprofen, soothe soothe, etc, etc - finally she falls asleep in my arms.

So... what's up? All of this could be the long awaited, mysterious TEETHING. Or, not. She could just be having a fever as she builds her immune system some more, and then maybe she had too much chulent. I don't know.

But now we're all wiped - goodnight! And oh, I know it's not a new picture, just a close up. We're obsessed!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Miss Chevious

It has begun.

Yesterday for the first time the girl deliberately (!) did her own thang... I was in the living room with her, and she waited until I turned around, then boogie-crawled at full speed around the couch (i.e. out of my sight) heading for the hallway. When I noticed her abscence and stuck my head over the couch to beckon her back, she looked at me over her shoulder, GIGGLED, and went right back to crawling away from me!!

Seriously, she's never voluntarily crawled away from us before. Sneaky Pete!

And of course, for the last two days when Yoav or I have tried to pick her up from the metapelet, she hasn't wanted to go with us. Oh, she hasn't cried or anything, just wouldn't "go" to us.

And she for sure ate rocks in the park today. Drats.

The park today was very exciting. She swang (past tense of swung) in the baby swing there (the one my parents brought us hasn't been installed yet), and she loved it (and she got extra iron from chewing on the chain!). She also went down the baby slide lots of times, and enjoyed it too! And of course, rocks and sand straight into her mouth, over and over... I wish she would eat her dinner with a tenth of the alacrity she saves for eating rocks.

Eating in general has been a little touch-and-go in the last couple days. She eats nicely at the metapelet, but hardly drinks her bottles. Oh oh oh - I mean her sippy cups! No more bottles for us - only cups or bottles with the little cup spout in place of the usual bottle top. (Okay, fine, when Yoav babysat last night he used a regular bottle, but whatever.)

Anyway, so she hasn't been into dinner lately. Hence the picture up on top of this post, which is me feeding the girl soy chicken down on the floor. The picture is out of focus - and so was I after chasing bites into her mouth!

The other two are from tonight, when she ate chulent and chicken and some corn stars, and was wearing her new Disney princess bib. Note how we colored Cinderella in. Let us be modest, please!

Monday, February 12, 2007

More pics

I was SUCH a good girl today, making pureed turkey meat for the girl's soup and doing loads of laundry and cleaning my bathroom and returning my borrowed rubber chicken and in general being Responsible. It's a work in progress.

Enjoy the pictures. Note the scary picture of my father in the Chicken wig, with me in the hat and fall of Mrs. Mudge (a girl dressing as a guy dressing as a girl... I'll come in again). Note too my daughter's adorable new legwarmers (causing many "I don't believe your daughter is wearing legwarmers" comments at the park social scene).

This cute 'Singing in the Rain' picture we took when out to dinner with my parents at El Goucho (read: mondo meat palace) in Ramat Gan. The girl was WONDERFUL, and while she didn't much care for the chicken (we skipped giving her sirloin entirely), she liked the fries and LOVED the sauteed mushrooms. Who knew?

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I don't believe I'm actually posting a picture from the play, but there we are, Chicken, Miss Hannigan and Rooster (sans his mustache - we were in a hurry), in all our made-up, bewigged glory. Gevalt. I am refraining from posting a picture of Rooster and I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Mudge, however, because the Chicken costume is bad enough without adding a blonde fall and a mink stole.

So, the play is over, vacation is over, and we are trying to get back into the swing of things. My parents left - we miss you already!! - and I went back to work amidst a sunny warm day. Ah well, back to the grind.

Tochterbean is now making little kissy noises. Okay, maybe they're closer to smacky noises, but she keeps doing them. And Bubbie says she saw her blowing kisses too. My precocious daughter!

We went out for a spin in our Brand New Car, er, Stroller today, in the debut Trip to the Park. We received enough oohs and ahs (once I prompted my friends to make them, ahem) to satisfy me, I hope. What we bought in the end was the Jeep All Terrain psuedo jogger (it's labeled 'NOT A JOGGING STROLLER' many places) and I simply adore adore adore it. This is the only picture I have so far, right after Zayde assembled it for us - I'm sure I'll take more. It is thoughtfully more attractive than it appears on the WalMart website too (which is where we bought it). Hurray!

You can also see here her at the wheel, er, handle of her new walker (thank you Playskool). Okay, fine, so she usually pushes it 'walking' on her knees, but she really likes it and will IY"H use it to climb to greater heights of mobility, amen. Hide the cleaning fluid and the knives.

Check this out... this is from the blog's first post ever, and then from last week... Bit of a difference, ya? Note how we no longer have to hike those pants up to her chest (even then they were too long) and how the sleeves are a bit short now.

Addendum: Some of the pictures we took with my folks are really gorgeous. Here's one I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post:

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Just one play left, tomorrow night. Now it's 1:38 AM and I need to go to sleep, just wanted to let you all know we're here and all fine.

Coming Blog Attractions:
1) the new walker toy and my daughter
2) our new stroller (!!!) and my daughter
3) a picture of me in costume (if I decide to post it, which I really might not do, because there's a limit how much this blog needs to expose the nitty gritty details (can you say blue eyeshadow and a 5 o'clock shadow on the same face?!)).
4) videos of a cute girl talking a bunch
5) kvetching about my week of vacation being almost over (boo hoo!)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catching up

We're having a great time with the Bubbie and Zayde - hurray! And tomorrow I have two, count 'em, two performances of my play, so I will be away from my girl for sooo long... but at least she'll be in excellent hands. And my mom gets to come to one of my plays for the first time since, I dunno, fourth grade? Hurray!

B"H my daughter has finally remembered how to eat, and she's consuming food the way she should be. She's talking up a storm (she now says "key" and "mama" which is wonderful) and she's reveling in her new toys (toys, what toys? OH, the multiple suitcases from Houston!).

Tonight we went to a wedding, and SR wore THE cutest ensemble in the world. The pictures we took do NOT do it justice, but don't worry - I'm going to make her wear it every shabbos from now until she's about 10 years old, so you'll see it again. Taffeta skirt, tulle, velvet shirt and velvet overcoat - too delicious!

Enjoy the long awaited video (and if anybody knows how to turn pictures in blogger, PLEASE let me know!) - goodnight!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Enough of you complained, I'm in the middle of uploading another video (sheesh! The demands on a celebrity these days!). As soon as it's live, I'll modify this post so ya'll can see it.

Anyway, the Bubbie and Zayde came tonight - hurray! Except for the girl crying the whole way back from the airport (oh well), we've had nothing but fun ever since. Good thing I borrowed a friend's minivan - my folks brought just a few things for the baby (for example, I think we have the entire Sandra Boynton library now, and that's just the beginning!).

We're away for shabbos up north at a Hatzolah shabbaton, so that's correct, there won't really be any EMT's left in the neighborhood, so everyone try to stay healthy this weekend, okay?

So away for shabbos, then a wedding Sunday night, then three nights of plays, then my parents leave a few days later - and THEN, gentle readers, I will attempt to resume my social obligations, like answering emails and phone calls and tending to personal hygeine. Well, I'll try to work at least one of those in sooner.


Last night I really did want to blog, but my ISP was having some issues, and we couldn't get online. Hard to blog that way. So sorry!

Sarah Rochel is just... amazing. She is feeling so much better - today it was like she just woke up and it was springtime (it was raining) and she was all playful and giggly and talking up a storm. Her appetite is also really coming back, baruch Hashem! Like today at the metapelet she ate most of a banana and a whole strawberry yogurt thingy and drank her milk, and tonight for dinner she had a lot of spoonfuls of tomato soup and couscous (only out of Mommy's bowl and Mommy's spoon) and a bit of her own sweet potatoes and applesauce and cottage cheese. We're so pleased!

She's talking so much now. I am now officially confirming Sarah Rochel's First Word List:
1. Abba
2. Muhmuh
3. Uhkay (isn't that cute? But really, 'okay' is a very common word that she hears!)
4. Bye (complete with waving)

She's just, wow, totally delicious and communicative and wow, wow, wow. Bli ayin hara.

So today it was very hard to leave her, but I even sent her to a local metapelet this afternoon so I could do some work for my office - I had a deadline, and I made it and I'm through. One more day of work, and then... my parents come, and I take a week off! Hurray!