Sunday, February 18, 2007

The beginning of the end of the beginning of the end of the beginning

She's eleven months old now - wow! When did that happen?

Doc on Friday weighed her in at 7.75 kilo, which is just over 17 pounds - hurray! Doc says her weight is almost back up to the curve it was on months ago, and she's happy, we're happy, it's all good, thank God.

Toch did have a fever over shabbos though, but otherwise seemed totally fine; a trifle fragile, but fine, playing and happy and eating. So when she started crying around 11:30 PM, I thought her fever was back up, so I measured out a dose of ibuprofen and went in there. No fever, B"H! Nursed a little, slept for five minutes, and then...! She was up for almost the next hour, crying (she cried enough to make her throw up a bit, poor dear - way to go Yoav for keeping it off her pajamas AND the rug!) and writhing a bit.

Since the doc had explained that eating rocks in the park can lead to worms, which often only bother the baby at night, we - joy! - checked her for worms with a flashlight (the things they don't tell you about when you're trying to have a baby), but she was seemingly clean. She ate a lot of cauliflower over shabbos, so maybe she's gassy, give her the old gas medicine (read: force feed it to her), writhe writhe, cry cry, soothe soothe, and by now she's been upset so long she feels feverish again. So dose her with the ibuprofen, soothe soothe, etc, etc - finally she falls asleep in my arms.

So... what's up? All of this could be the long awaited, mysterious TEETHING. Or, not. She could just be having a fever as she builds her immune system some more, and then maybe she had too much chulent. I don't know.

But now we're all wiped - goodnight! And oh, I know it's not a new picture, just a close up. We're obsessed!

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