Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bit the bullet

We did it! We bought the $250 car seat! Except, of course, we only paid $170 - whew! Here it is - imagine, cheaper just because it's a brilliant shade of purple - hurray! The pic is a link to the site in case any of you need to buy the same.

We also bought this umbrella stroller, which is what we wanted, so now we're all set for the gear to use in America over Pesach! Yippee!

Oh, um, we're all fine here too. :) The girl took a major long nap-then wake up and eat and fall back asleep for an hour more thing this afternoon, so we're all well rested. Wait, so why am I blogging at midnight? Gotta go! Goodnight, and may visions of sugarplums and car seats dance in your heads.


Yitz/Yaffa said...

Excellent baby gear choices. Use them in good health!

Anonymous said...

nice baby stuff! i like the purple!titchadshi-oh im so israeli-tzip