Sunday, February 04, 2007

Catching up

We're having a great time with the Bubbie and Zayde - hurray! And tomorrow I have two, count 'em, two performances of my play, so I will be away from my girl for sooo long... but at least she'll be in excellent hands. And my mom gets to come to one of my plays for the first time since, I dunno, fourth grade? Hurray!

B"H my daughter has finally remembered how to eat, and she's consuming food the way she should be. She's talking up a storm (she now says "key" and "mama" which is wonderful) and she's reveling in her new toys (toys, what toys? OH, the multiple suitcases from Houston!).

Tonight we went to a wedding, and SR wore THE cutest ensemble in the world. The pictures we took do NOT do it justice, but don't worry - I'm going to make her wear it every shabbos from now until she's about 10 years old, so you'll see it again. Taffeta skirt, tulle, velvet shirt and velvet overcoat - too delicious!

Enjoy the long awaited video (and if anybody knows how to turn pictures in blogger, PLEASE let me know!) - goodnight!


Anonymous said...

aww the video didnt work for me :(-tzipporah

Faye said...

I like the pic of Bubby, Mommy and S'Roch, however, the video appears to have no content. Break a leg at the play.

Anonymous said...

What a super cute video...we miss you all, kisses and regards
Love, Imma

Faye said...

ok video works now, and can i just say, yum!

brenderan said...

Turn the picture and save it before you try to post it.
Lovely seeing you and SR and Bubbe all together