Thursday, February 01, 2007


Enough of you complained, I'm in the middle of uploading another video (sheesh! The demands on a celebrity these days!). As soon as it's live, I'll modify this post so ya'll can see it.

Anyway, the Bubbie and Zayde came tonight - hurray! Except for the girl crying the whole way back from the airport (oh well), we've had nothing but fun ever since. Good thing I borrowed a friend's minivan - my folks brought just a few things for the baby (for example, I think we have the entire Sandra Boynton library now, and that's just the beginning!).

We're away for shabbos up north at a Hatzolah shabbaton, so that's correct, there won't really be any EMT's left in the neighborhood, so everyone try to stay healthy this weekend, okay?

So away for shabbos, then a wedding Sunday night, then three nights of plays, then my parents leave a few days later - and THEN, gentle readers, I will attempt to resume my social obligations, like answering emails and phone calls and tending to personal hygeine. Well, I'll try to work at least one of those in sooner.


Faye Berman said...

Hi Rosenblatts! Mir, I am glad that both you and the Toch seem to be doing better. Have a great Shabbos!

Yitz/Yaffa said...

No EMTs? Yikes.

As for the Sandra Boynton library - mazal tov. May you memorize them quickly.

Enjoy your parents!

brenderan said...

Welcome to the Rosenblatts. Enjoy all the tochter time :) See you when you get back, hopefully!