Monday, February 19, 2007

Half-lidded update

Falling asleep, must go, but just wanted to let you all know that the girl is, well, better, I guess. I mean she still has a fever, but except for not eating much or drinking much she's basically fine... Oh, and except for waking up like an hour ago for no good reason (didn't want to eat, wasn't writhing or anything... just up!) she's really totally normal. She did go to the metapelet today. We'll see what happens the day after today.* Goodnight!

*I had to write that after my fourth try to spell 'tommmmorrrrrow' correctly. We be tired.

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Faye said...

hey! So I was driving to an interview this morning, and there was a commercial on the radio for McDonalds and their breakfast bagel sandwiches and all I could think about was when you lived in Windsor and could see "fast Gel Wich" from your window! Hope all is well in the Holy Land.