Sunday, February 25, 2007

House 1, blog 0

I've been lousy about blogging lately... Well, compared to SOME of my friends (you know who you are), I've been great, but for all of you used to a daily blog, I apologize for letting you down.

The dishes are winning, so I must go, but wanted to post a couple shots.

Her new trick is putting her hands on her head, perfect for playing "yadaim lemaala al ha rosh" with Savta (who will be here part of the time Yoav is in Poland, hurray!).

How cute is she with the cardigan and petticoatful plaid skirt?

Today I was a little sick of all her winter clothes, so we broke out the pretty dress Great Aunt Lisa gave us and wore it skater-style (pardon me, sk8er).

And when did she get these mondo CHEEKS!? Her little poulkas ain't so little no more either - who said she's allowed to grow up and change!?

Enjoy all the pics, gotta go attack more dishes... (get them before they get you is the idea here)

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