Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Miss Chevious

It has begun.

Yesterday for the first time the girl deliberately (!) did her own thang... I was in the living room with her, and she waited until I turned around, then boogie-crawled at full speed around the couch (i.e. out of my sight) heading for the hallway. When I noticed her abscence and stuck my head over the couch to beckon her back, she looked at me over her shoulder, GIGGLED, and went right back to crawling away from me!!

Seriously, she's never voluntarily crawled away from us before. Sneaky Pete!

And of course, for the last two days when Yoav or I have tried to pick her up from the metapelet, she hasn't wanted to go with us. Oh, she hasn't cried or anything, just wouldn't "go" to us.

And she for sure ate rocks in the park today. Drats.

The park today was very exciting. She swang (past tense of swung) in the baby swing there (the one my parents brought us hasn't been installed yet), and she loved it (and she got extra iron from chewing on the chain!). She also went down the baby slide lots of times, and enjoyed it too! And of course, rocks and sand straight into her mouth, over and over... I wish she would eat her dinner with a tenth of the alacrity she saves for eating rocks.

Eating in general has been a little touch-and-go in the last couple days. She eats nicely at the metapelet, but hardly drinks her bottles. Oh oh oh - I mean her sippy cups! No more bottles for us - only cups or bottles with the little cup spout in place of the usual bottle top. (Okay, fine, when Yoav babysat last night he used a regular bottle, but whatever.)

Anyway, so she hasn't been into dinner lately. Hence the picture up on top of this post, which is me feeding the girl soy chicken down on the floor. The picture is out of focus - and so was I after chasing bites into her mouth!

The other two are from tonight, when she ate chulent and chicken and some corn stars, and was wearing her new Disney princess bib. Note how we colored Cinderella in. Let us be modest, please!

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Jennifer Bean said...

The tochter is too cute! I can't wait till I have one. And I must say, the part about coloring Cinderella in gave me a good laugh. Happy Valentine's Day!