Sunday, February 11, 2007


I don't believe I'm actually posting a picture from the play, but there we are, Chicken, Miss Hannigan and Rooster (sans his mustache - we were in a hurry), in all our made-up, bewigged glory. Gevalt. I am refraining from posting a picture of Rooster and I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Mudge, however, because the Chicken costume is bad enough without adding a blonde fall and a mink stole.

So, the play is over, vacation is over, and we are trying to get back into the swing of things. My parents left - we miss you already!! - and I went back to work amidst a sunny warm day. Ah well, back to the grind.

Tochterbean is now making little kissy noises. Okay, maybe they're closer to smacky noises, but she keeps doing them. And Bubbie says she saw her blowing kisses too. My precocious daughter!

We went out for a spin in our Brand New Car, er, Stroller today, in the debut Trip to the Park. We received enough oohs and ahs (once I prompted my friends to make them, ahem) to satisfy me, I hope. What we bought in the end was the Jeep All Terrain psuedo jogger (it's labeled 'NOT A JOGGING STROLLER' many places) and I simply adore adore adore it. This is the only picture I have so far, right after Zayde assembled it for us - I'm sure I'll take more. It is thoughtfully more attractive than it appears on the WalMart website too (which is where we bought it). Hurray!

You can also see here her at the wheel, er, handle of her new walker (thank you Playskool). Okay, fine, so she usually pushes it 'walking' on her knees, but she really likes it and will IY"H use it to climb to greater heights of mobility, amen. Hide the cleaning fluid and the knives.

Check this out... this is from the blog's first post ever, and then from last week... Bit of a difference, ya? Note how we no longer have to hike those pants up to her chest (even then they were too long) and how the sleeves are a bit short now.

Addendum: Some of the pictures we took with my folks are really gorgeous. Here's one I couldn't wait until tomorrow to post:


Anonymous said...

Miriam you looked amazing and the tochter is beutiful and your mom is a tzadekes-tzipporah

Imma said...

Wonderful pictures, can't wait to have you all here.
Best, love and kisses, Imma

debbie said...

ok at first glance i TOTALLY thought your dad was rabbi sharfman... anyone with me on this? i got so excited too!!

Miriam the Mommy said...

In a blue shirt!? As he would say, stop hocking.

Anonymous said...

i also thought it was the rav and then i was like in miria'smhouse he doesnt leave yerusalyim-tzip

debbie said...

ok ok but the face?? come on!! total look alike! from the side... now that I see his face im like ok what was i thinking, but that profile is dead on