Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Still here

Sorry, it's a busy week. I had a rehersal for a Purim shpiel two nights ago, a wedding last night, a bar mitzvah tonight - thank God! But boy, we're pooped.

Today was the first day the girl didn't have a fever since, gosh, Thursday night. The doc we saw (it was ours' day off) wasn't overly concerned, but he had us do a urine sample. That's a blast with a baby - attach plastic bag with adhesive, close diaper, wait and hope for the best. Our little Wiggle Worm peed, bless her, but moved around enough that most of it went out of the bag. A few drops got in, and it was enough, B"H, so we're waiting for the results of that.

And she's been waking every night not to eat, just to be awake a little, but no more writhing, so we BA"H are ruling out worms for now. Blech.

And my eyes are closing, so goodnight for the moment!


Sabba Lenny said...

Caption for today's picture:

Girl babies unite! No more plastic bags in diapers! More applesauce!
We mean it- we're serious!

Miriam the Mommy said...

Abba, you are HYSTERICAL!!

-Miriam and Yoav, laughing heartily