Thursday, February 01, 2007


Last night I really did want to blog, but my ISP was having some issues, and we couldn't get online. Hard to blog that way. So sorry!

Sarah Rochel is just... amazing. She is feeling so much better - today it was like she just woke up and it was springtime (it was raining) and she was all playful and giggly and talking up a storm. Her appetite is also really coming back, baruch Hashem! Like today at the metapelet she ate most of a banana and a whole strawberry yogurt thingy and drank her milk, and tonight for dinner she had a lot of spoonfuls of tomato soup and couscous (only out of Mommy's bowl and Mommy's spoon) and a bit of her own sweet potatoes and applesauce and cottage cheese. We're so pleased!

She's talking so much now. I am now officially confirming Sarah Rochel's First Word List:
1. Abba
2. Muhmuh
3. Uhkay (isn't that cute? But really, 'okay' is a very common word that she hears!)
4. Bye (complete with waving)

She's just, wow, totally delicious and communicative and wow, wow, wow. Bli ayin hara.

So today it was very hard to leave her, but I even sent her to a local metapelet this afternoon so I could do some work for my office - I had a deadline, and I made it and I'm through. One more day of work, and then... my parents come, and I take a week off! Hurray!


Jennifer Bean said...

A talking tochter! Yeah! Will we get to see some video of her new talent? By the way, I have been racking my brain trying to think of that book. I know I have read that story you were talking about. Mom and I couldn't find it at our house, but she says that we used to trade books with y'all often when we were little, so it could be at your mom's house. Give the Rosenblatts (and yourselves) a great big hug from me when they arrive! L8r!

Anonymous said...

is Muhmuh mama b/c im assuming it is? also where can i get the dvd from the play?-tzipporah

Sabba Lenny said...

We are so proud of Sarah Rochel. This is the beginning of a lifetime of accomplishments that will dazzle us with their creativity and sensibility. She is such a peoples person that she is desperate to communicate verbally. Soon we will hear more precisely what she thinks and wants. Welcome to incoming grandparents- enjoy the visit.