Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yes, we are sinners, and we apologize. Especially since my last blog has kept you all on tenterhooks about my employment situation (here I am assuming ya'll don't just look at the pictures), I am sorry I took so long to write. But I'm at my parents' house, which automatically turns me into an antisocial turnip (as opposed to any other root vegtable). Let's sum up, shall we?

So somehow we managed to pack and get outa town, repleat with the exciting adventure of Renewing My Israeli Passport in the Airport!!! (note - it was a BREEZE, thank God!)

Once on the plane we managed to change seats so my husband and I were even sitting together (imagine!). The girl... well, she slept a lot on the plane (I'm sure that had nothing to do with the antihistamine we gave her, wink wink) but very fitfully, like she just wanted to be in her own cribby, you know? Heck, we wanted her to be in her own cribby too, but alas, she was stuck on our laps or our tray tables. We all made it relatively unscathed (okay, she threw up on me on the plane, but only a little bit) and arrived in Newark. No time for Yoav to take a cab to Elizabeth to buy Dunkin Donuts (probably not chalav yisroel anyway, sigh), get on next plane where we blissfully had an empty seat between us. We all slept on that plane (another dose of antihistamine, anyone?) and arrived in Houston. Hurray!!

We've been having a great time since then, with the toch happily not too jet lagged (the second night here she slept 8 straight hours - she doesn't even do that at home! - followed by another three or so! Yay!). Well, of course last night she went down for a nap at 6 PM, just as her great aunt and second cousins (is that how that works?) came over to visit us and her, and she slept (with some wakings for food) until 7:30 this morning!! I even TRIED to wake her up, took her out of the crib, brought her downstairs, showed her off... nada, eyes not opening. (And we didn't even drug her this time!) Oh well. See, I'm not the only one who's antisocial...

Yoav is currently winging his way to NY (all you BTI alumnae are going to the BTI alum thing he's running in Queens tonight, right? RIGHT?!) and we're following tomorrow. This means I of course won't be at the BTI thing, which is out of character, but hey, I've only been to Target once since I got here, and that's just not enough...

Okay, quick update about work: After Pesach, I am being promoted (joy) to the Customer Service Manager position. Ah, the prestige. Ah, the joy of dealing with customers who are so ticked off they ask to speak to a manager (read: me). Ah, the joy of working from 8:15 AM to 3:45 PM. Grumble grumble. Better than unemployment, right? Right? I am of course a little sick to my stomach in terms of being away from my daughter so much every day, but we's got to pay the bills, ya? Whatever, we'll see how it goes, but that's the update!

This picture is SR and her great grandparents (and me, of course) earlier today. Good yuntiv everyone, if I don't blog again before the holiday!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy birthday - the video

A bit rambling, but at least this time she didn't stop talking the second the camera went on!!

Enjoy the film quality - this thing was over 70 megabytes!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy birthday!

Wow, so much is in my head - heart - spleen (etc). As I found myself crying tonight worrying about being a good mother (because of changes at work, which will be the subject of the next blog), I remembered of course crying when she was born... when I was sitting there in the wheelchair, about to go to recover in the mommy ward, with my newborn all swaddled on my lap (she was about to go get poked and so on in the nursery), and I got to make that oh-so-long-awaited bracha thanking God for this miracle...

So not much has changed in a year!

A year ago... and today...

She was born about 3.5 kilo, about 7.7 pounds. Now she's 8.4 kilo, about 18.5 pounds. Not bad (er, somehow I think I put on the same amount of weight since she was born... hmm, gotta analyze that..). Then she had a little newborn mew - now she talks up a storm, says "buwi" when she wants to read a book, says mama and abba and up and bye (if not so consistently). Then she had that newborn curled up posture - now she curls up if she wants to, hangs upside down if she wants to, crawls away from us and giggles if she wants to (and boy does she want to!). Then I was up feeding her in the middle of the night. Now, um, well, yeah we're sure she'll stop waking up at night soon.

I was telling Yoav over shabbos that I just lost a lot of my mothering confidence since I don't have a copy of "What to Expect the Toddler Years" yet, and so I don't have a text to backup the decisions I woulda made anyway.

And yet...

Yoav and I went to wake her up from her nap this afternoon (way too late this afternoon, which is why she didn't really fall asleep tonight until after 9, but I digress).

We leaned on the side of her crib and watched her (and took pictures, of course) and I said, "You know what? We didn't break her." He says he was never worried that we would. Me? Deep down, I knew we wouldn't. And with God's help, we never will. Bruise, perhaps. But never break.

Anyway, I am uploading a massive video (only a minute long, but I used the wrong setting) of the girl (gosh, can I say 'the baby' anymore?), which will hopefully be live tomorrow, and I'll post it then.

So thank you Hashem for this blessing and this trust and this privilege and honor. And responsibility.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Welcome back, and gut voch to everyone! Just catching up on the news.

We enjoyed our refuge at the Perrys'... thanks again to them. The last night we were there was freezing already, so somewhere around 5 AM I took the girl into bed with me. Believe it or not, that's the first time we've ever done that. I remember when I used to have nightmares or something, my mother would let me sleep in her bed but only if I would lie still. Next thing I knew she'd be kicking me out, even though I was laying still! Yeah, well, seems it's genetic, cause boy, is that little toch a restless sleeper! But I got a little, and she got a lot of sleep, and it's all good.

And then... Yoav came back!! Hurray! He came straight to J-town, and at the end of the day we all went home together. He was a powerhouse of positive energy, which helped me trust my house enough to want to re-enter it. We started putting it back together, and while it's still not perfect, it's liveable and, much more importantly, it seems to be clean of the phantom menace. Bli ayin hara, poo poo poo!

Back in J-town, it had actually been cold enough to snow a little and drop lots of hail. Coming home, we see piles of white at the sides of the road and on the eaves... what, snow in Ramat Beit Shemesh? Signs of mashiach!? Well, maybe. As you see here, it wasn't snow but a big old hail storm, and it was cold enough that the hail didn't dissipate! Alas, still no good for snowballs and snowmen, but I did see children carrying shopping bags full of the stuff. Friday was sunny, so it's all long gone. It was rainy again over shabbos, and cold but nowhere near as freezing. But it was a fun winter storm while it lasted, even if Yoav thought it a bit strange that it was colder here than Poland!

Anyway, remember that mushroom barley soup Toch liked so much? Well, she has a tendency to rub food into her face, specifically her eyes. Hence the picture you see here, of her eye being all inflamed (she's eating our pizza crusts there, by the way). The doc said on Friday it would probably go away by itself, not being a real infection, but we had already given her antibiotic drops so we gave it to her for a couple more days, and thank God it's all better.

And tonight... tonight is Sarah Rochel's first birthday!! AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!! More on that tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Licking our wounds

We're still on location in Har Nof. Today three burly men came to clean my sofa and mattresses and stuff, and to wash the floor back into Tochter condition. I left the baby in J-town and went home to supervise, then rushed back here. We're spending the night again (thanks again Nerp's!) and maybe, just maybe I am slightly less itchy. Maybe.

The poor child needed a costume change at the metapelet's again today, but fortunately not a full bath. She didn't eat a lot there either, but this evening she did eat some clemintina (I know, just the thing for an upset tummy, bang head against wall) and some mushroom barely soup - hurray! And it was so pathetic - the floors here are, um, well, rather more slippery than what Sroch is used to, and so she kept slipping and falling over or falling down - her poor little head got knocked around a bit! See, I knew dirt was good for something...

And Yoav will be here tomorrow morning!! We can't wait! It's so surreal that he's in Poland looking at these horrible, poignant, intense things, and I'm over here stressing about my fleas and my daughter's dirty diapers. Like today I called Yoav while I was at the house to tell him the flea progress, and he was just walking into Birkenau. Like, he was here. What could I say to him?

We are ready to see him. We are ready for him to not be in Poland, and not because I need him to help me cope with my little stresses in my paradisical life. I want my husband to come home and hold his baby girl. Tochter therapy, and all she represents, is the only way to deal with Poland.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On location

Well, we're live, but not live from Ramat Beit Shemesh. In fact, we
hope it's pretty un-live at home, specifically involving
anything with more than twice as many legs as me). We're here at
Nechy and Reuven's, hurray, getting our strength back.

Today I came to pick up the baby at the metapelet only to find her in
her emergency backup outfit (which I had just replaced in her bag -
whew). Little Toch had pooped a mighty loose poop (aside: don't you
miss the days when this blog was All Poop, All The Time? But I
digress...) and gotten everything befilthed. So the metapelet gave her
a bath and changed her, and Sarah Rochel couldn't have been happier.

So back to RBS to throw some belongings into a big garbage bag (no
time for matching luggage), and to let the exterminator in. He sprayed
the house and blasted the back yard, and IY"H tomorrow someone will
come to help me wash down all the floors and super-duper suck-o-matic
vaccuum the couch and beds. Darn, I forgot to call him tonight...

Anyway, once more the kindness of strangers (or in this case, really
good friends) came through and whilst I messed with the poisoner
Princess Pea was watched by the Silversteins, who then took me in too
and fed me (I had forgotten about food). Then off we went to the
doctor, who confirmed that these were indeed some kind of bites all
over me, which is certainly better than the scary hidden alternative,
which begins with a 'sca' and ends with a 'bies' and I don't even want
to talk about it.

Then back in the car to Jerusalem, and here we are. The girl is
sleeping, B"H, in a vintage play pen, today's clothes are all in the
wash (I'm paranoid) and hopefully, hopefully all of this is the
hishtadlus that God wants us to be doing, and it will solve the

Pay no attention to the fact I coulda sworn I got a new bite since we
left RBS, because I am not even thinking about the possibility of my
car having fleas. Who ever heard of such a thing?? It's just me - I'm
psychoscomatically causing bites on my skin. Or, just psycho, period.
Yoav will be home in less than 36 hours, yay!! Till then, we'll be
hiding in our Jerusalemite cave. Goodnight!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Running away

I have eight skillion bites, I itch, I'm losing. Tomorrow IY"H the exterminator will come, and I will, er, flee. Hope to blog tomorrow night on location somewhere. Thank God the baby is fine, she only has a handful of bites and they don't seem to be bothering her. I on the other hand look like I have chicken pox.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello from snoozeland

Once again, despite being asleep in the other room, I am managing to blog anyway - amazing! Much like myself.

Mommy would NOT stop with the camera today (she finally backed up photos from months 5-9 onto cd (about 740 megabytes worth) so she was able to clear some camera memory). So we have a bunch of pictures of me not doing anything, just taking care of business, you know? A girl's got to crawl, to tear up magazines, to drool...

Yeah, Mom was making fun of me. I've been drooling a bit lately in my sleep (goodness, not when I'm awake! I have some standards!). And I was actually - I admit it - chewing on my fingers this evening. Supposedly something's coming soon (I feel it in my gums), but I'm not sure what...

Thinking of little hard thingies in my mouth reminds of me of the park today, where I only ate a couple rocks (I spit them back out!! Or at least, I think I did) and I enjoyed going on the slide. At one point Mommy let me go solo, and I did get a little confused if I wanted to go down sitting or on my belly... so I tried to switch in the middle... and almost did a somersault instead... But Mommy picked me up and applauded my independence and bravery, so I didn't even cry.

I did drool on the slide though. Call me a hypocrite.

If you look carefully at this picture, you can see a familar half a face in the Hatzala ad I'm about to devour. It looks an awful lot like a whole face I miss very much. While I was in the park getting over my slide incident, a man came down the steps - and I just stopped and watched him, just in case he should miraculously turn around and become my Abba.

I miss my Abba. A lot. I spoke to him on the phone today, and of course, the second we hung up, I perfectly pronounced "Abba!!" but he didn't answer. So then I chewed on the phone antena, and I felt a little better (but just a little).

I feel asleep in the stroller, and Mommy took another picture. Hopefully tomorrow she won't be quote so camera happy. But it's rough - I'm just so cute!!
Okay, okay, back to drooling in my cribby. Goodnight!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gut voch

Here's the girl listening to Abba sing to her on the computer. Over shabbos she was a bit clingy - we think she noticed someone isn't around.

Either that or her stomach was hurting, since she threw up on me before bed tonight (her way of saying she was sick of those pajamas, har har?).

Bli ayin hara (flea ayin hara?) I think we may have conquered the phantom menace. Residual scratch scratch.

Yoav is well and we miss him! Goodnight all.

Friday, March 09, 2007


While I would rather have cats in my yard than mice in my house, I do NOT appreciate our latest little guests!

Scratch, scratch.

Spending the day eradicating.

Good shabbos!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Putting your sock in your mouth

Forget folding laundry. You can't even leave folded laundry around this girl - she finds it and proceeds to gnaw her socks. Harumph.

Did I mention she's been living on leftover corn soup from the local Chinese restaurant? Who knew? At least it's good for her.

Otherwise, we're fine. I'll speak to Yoav in a bit - he's at the Holiday Inn of Warsaw now, of all things. And Tochterbean only put a couple rocks in her mouth at the park today (and one dirty tissue, sigh), and then she spit them out. She's growing up!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BMA # 1,113

Today's BMA*: A danger averted. Further proof that God watches over fools.

This afternoon I went to clean out the car of some of its detritus. The car was NOT on - that bad a BMA it ain't. So I leave the girl in the front passenger seat while I attack the back seat (it's all her junk back there anyway). Her door is closed, and she's quite merrily sitting there chewing on the cassette tapes and banging away and... sitting on the keys.

I hear these beeping noises like a car being locked remotely, but they sound distant.

I finish up with my garbage, and I'm about to close my door and go get her. And because Hashem watches over dunces like myself, I leave my door open. Because, you see, I go to open the girl's door, and it's locked. All the doors are locked.

That's right - I would have locked my baby inside the car, with my house keys, thus giving me no way to reach her or my other set of keys or nothing.

But Hashem loves me. Danger averted.

Yoav's been gone less than 24 hours. Hope he doesn't read this and immediately come back!! Um, wait, maybe I do hope he reads this... hmmm...

He's safe and sound in Lublin tonight - I just spoke with him. He had a dinner of cabbage and bread... I guess this means he's getting the full experience. Fortunately we packed his bags with instant Quaker oatmeal.

In other news, yesterday Savta Raba in Yerushalaim gave the toch her first chocolate bar. Princess Pea's reaction? She'd rather eat an orange, but she'll suffer down some of the chocolate. Now if she prefered ketchup to either one, then I'd KNOW she was my daughter.

In Be Careful What You Say news, this was our poem on our Purim shaloch manos (which consisted of a can of tuna, a box of chocolate milk and a little party hat):

Wondering what to send for Purim this year
We checked with our Tochter, her ideas to hear
She said, "Since I'll be dressing up as a kitten,
I think that some cat food would be rather fittin'."
Our Cat in the Hat likes milk and likes fishes
(Although it's Mommy's milk she finds most delicious)
Speaking of the baby, and our nights that she's taken
That's the reason this year we couldn't be baking
One day we'll have free time for gourmet shaloch manos
But the baby has...

(oops, we fell asleep in the middle of the poem!!)

Wishing happy Purim with a yawning big grin
Love from Miriam, Yoav and Sarah Rochel Druyan

Cute, right? I thought maybe it was a little much because hey, thank God she really doesn't take over our nights (what's waking up three times a night? No problem!). Well, right after I composed the poem, you got it, she was up and up and 10 minutes later up again and up and up!!

The consensus is - she's actually teething this time! Her lower gums have turned a whiter shade of pale (really!) and she sleeps sounder if we slather on the numbing teething stuff before bed. So we have been doing so, and she's back to her normal, waking up just three times a night self (eek).

And so I should go to sleep, because her 12:30 AM feeding is coming up. Wait, isn't she not a newborn anymore? Does she know that?

*For all you new blog readers, that's a Bad Mother Alert

Monday, March 05, 2007

Purim pictorial

Helping Yoav get ready to leave for Poland at 2 this morning, sheesh, so no time to blog, but here are the pictures you've been clamoring for. Note my daughter's adorable facial makeup (hurray 3 shekel tube of black lipstick, already donated to a seminary girl dressing up as, quote, "a goth"). Note too that it wiped off easily. Note as well the adorable albeit homemade tail on her costume.

More text for later this week, where I'll have no housework to keep me away from blogging, I'm sure. :)