Tuesday, March 06, 2007

BMA # 1,113

Today's BMA*: A danger averted. Further proof that God watches over fools.

This afternoon I went to clean out the car of some of its detritus. The car was NOT on - that bad a BMA it ain't. So I leave the girl in the front passenger seat while I attack the back seat (it's all her junk back there anyway). Her door is closed, and she's quite merrily sitting there chewing on the cassette tapes and banging away and... sitting on the keys.

I hear these beeping noises like a car being locked remotely, but they sound distant.

I finish up with my garbage, and I'm about to close my door and go get her. And because Hashem watches over dunces like myself, I leave my door open. Because, you see, I go to open the girl's door, and it's locked. All the doors are locked.

That's right - I would have locked my baby inside the car, with my house keys, thus giving me no way to reach her or my other set of keys or nothing.

But Hashem loves me. Danger averted.

Yoav's been gone less than 24 hours. Hope he doesn't read this and immediately come back!! Um, wait, maybe I do hope he reads this... hmmm...

He's safe and sound in Lublin tonight - I just spoke with him. He had a dinner of cabbage and bread... I guess this means he's getting the full experience. Fortunately we packed his bags with instant Quaker oatmeal.

In other news, yesterday Savta Raba in Yerushalaim gave the toch her first chocolate bar. Princess Pea's reaction? She'd rather eat an orange, but she'll suffer down some of the chocolate. Now if she prefered ketchup to either one, then I'd KNOW she was my daughter.

In Be Careful What You Say news, this was our poem on our Purim shaloch manos (which consisted of a can of tuna, a box of chocolate milk and a little party hat):

Wondering what to send for Purim this year
We checked with our Tochter, her ideas to hear
She said, "Since I'll be dressing up as a kitten,
I think that some cat food would be rather fittin'."
Our Cat in the Hat likes milk and likes fishes
(Although it's Mommy's milk she finds most delicious)
Speaking of the baby, and our nights that she's taken
That's the reason this year we couldn't be baking
One day we'll have free time for gourmet shaloch manos
But the baby has...

(oops, we fell asleep in the middle of the poem!!)

Wishing happy Purim with a yawning big grin
Love from Miriam, Yoav and Sarah Rochel Druyan

Cute, right? I thought maybe it was a little much because hey, thank God she really doesn't take over our nights (what's waking up three times a night? No problem!). Well, right after I composed the poem, you got it, she was up and up and 10 minutes later up again and up and up!!

The consensus is - she's actually teething this time! Her lower gums have turned a whiter shade of pale (really!) and she sleeps sounder if we slather on the numbing teething stuff before bed. So we have been doing so, and she's back to her normal, waking up just three times a night self (eek).

And so I should go to sleep, because her 12:30 AM feeding is coming up. Wait, isn't she not a newborn anymore? Does she know that?

*For all you new blog readers, that's a Bad Mother Alert

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