Saturday, March 17, 2007


Welcome back, and gut voch to everyone! Just catching up on the news.

We enjoyed our refuge at the Perrys'... thanks again to them. The last night we were there was freezing already, so somewhere around 5 AM I took the girl into bed with me. Believe it or not, that's the first time we've ever done that. I remember when I used to have nightmares or something, my mother would let me sleep in her bed but only if I would lie still. Next thing I knew she'd be kicking me out, even though I was laying still! Yeah, well, seems it's genetic, cause boy, is that little toch a restless sleeper! But I got a little, and she got a lot of sleep, and it's all good.

And then... Yoav came back!! Hurray! He came straight to J-town, and at the end of the day we all went home together. He was a powerhouse of positive energy, which helped me trust my house enough to want to re-enter it. We started putting it back together, and while it's still not perfect, it's liveable and, much more importantly, it seems to be clean of the phantom menace. Bli ayin hara, poo poo poo!

Back in J-town, it had actually been cold enough to snow a little and drop lots of hail. Coming home, we see piles of white at the sides of the road and on the eaves... what, snow in Ramat Beit Shemesh? Signs of mashiach!? Well, maybe. As you see here, it wasn't snow but a big old hail storm, and it was cold enough that the hail didn't dissipate! Alas, still no good for snowballs and snowmen, but I did see children carrying shopping bags full of the stuff. Friday was sunny, so it's all long gone. It was rainy again over shabbos, and cold but nowhere near as freezing. But it was a fun winter storm while it lasted, even if Yoav thought it a bit strange that it was colder here than Poland!

Anyway, remember that mushroom barley soup Toch liked so much? Well, she has a tendency to rub food into her face, specifically her eyes. Hence the picture you see here, of her eye being all inflamed (she's eating our pizza crusts there, by the way). The doc said on Friday it would probably go away by itself, not being a real infection, but we had already given her antibiotic drops so we gave it to her for a couple more days, and thank God it's all better.

And tonight... tonight is Sarah Rochel's first birthday!! AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!! More on that tomorrow!


Rebecca said...

happy to hear that you guys made it home safe and sound....yoav, sounds like poland trip was inspiring with rabbi kurland and rabbi oratz...such inspirational memories for me!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TOCHTER!!! i wonder how i remembered it was her bday??? hmmmm hmmmm...i cant believe its been a year since i checked my email on that special morning to see an email from your father announcing the birth of this special chick. really craziness. may you be zoche to share in many more bdays to come!!!!!!!!!

Faye said...

Happy Birthday S'Roch!!!!!

Sabba Lenny said...

In seeming empathy with the Holy Land, the NY area experienced an interesting winter storm on Friday. Many hours of sleet were topped off by some freezing rain, coating everything with ice. We still haven't dug the cars out. By the way, large hail has been known to damage solar heating panels on Israeli roofs, so be thankful this was only decorative. Happy Birthday Sarah Rochel!!