Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello from snoozeland

Once again, despite being asleep in the other room, I am managing to blog anyway - amazing! Much like myself.

Mommy would NOT stop with the camera today (she finally backed up photos from months 5-9 onto cd (about 740 megabytes worth) so she was able to clear some camera memory). So we have a bunch of pictures of me not doing anything, just taking care of business, you know? A girl's got to crawl, to tear up magazines, to drool...

Yeah, Mom was making fun of me. I've been drooling a bit lately in my sleep (goodness, not when I'm awake! I have some standards!). And I was actually - I admit it - chewing on my fingers this evening. Supposedly something's coming soon (I feel it in my gums), but I'm not sure what...

Thinking of little hard thingies in my mouth reminds of me of the park today, where I only ate a couple rocks (I spit them back out!! Or at least, I think I did) and I enjoyed going on the slide. At one point Mommy let me go solo, and I did get a little confused if I wanted to go down sitting or on my belly... so I tried to switch in the middle... and almost did a somersault instead... But Mommy picked me up and applauded my independence and bravery, so I didn't even cry.

I did drool on the slide though. Call me a hypocrite.

If you look carefully at this picture, you can see a familar half a face in the Hatzala ad I'm about to devour. It looks an awful lot like a whole face I miss very much. While I was in the park getting over my slide incident, a man came down the steps - and I just stopped and watched him, just in case he should miraculously turn around and become my Abba.

I miss my Abba. A lot. I spoke to him on the phone today, and of course, the second we hung up, I perfectly pronounced "Abba!!" but he didn't answer. So then I chewed on the phone antena, and I felt a little better (but just a little).

I feel asleep in the stroller, and Mommy took another picture. Hopefully tomorrow she won't be quote so camera happy. But it's rough - I'm just so cute!!
Okay, okay, back to drooling in my cribby. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

so nice talking to you sarah rochel-tzip

Faye said...

that is one cute kid, KE"H!