Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Licking our wounds

We're still on location in Har Nof. Today three burly men came to clean my sofa and mattresses and stuff, and to wash the floor back into Tochter condition. I left the baby in J-town and went home to supervise, then rushed back here. We're spending the night again (thanks again Nerp's!) and maybe, just maybe I am slightly less itchy. Maybe.

The poor child needed a costume change at the metapelet's again today, but fortunately not a full bath. She didn't eat a lot there either, but this evening she did eat some clemintina (I know, just the thing for an upset tummy, bang head against wall) and some mushroom barely soup - hurray! And it was so pathetic - the floors here are, um, well, rather more slippery than what Sroch is used to, and so she kept slipping and falling over or falling down - her poor little head got knocked around a bit! See, I knew dirt was good for something...

And Yoav will be here tomorrow morning!! We can't wait! It's so surreal that he's in Poland looking at these horrible, poignant, intense things, and I'm over here stressing about my fleas and my daughter's dirty diapers. Like today I called Yoav while I was at the house to tell him the flea progress, and he was just walking into Birkenau. Like, he was here. What could I say to him?

We are ready to see him. We are ready for him to not be in Poland, and not because I need him to help me cope with my little stresses in my paradisical life. I want my husband to come home and hold his baby girl. Tochter therapy, and all she represents, is the only way to deal with Poland.


brenda said...

Welcome to the fun-filled parenting time of Toddler-hood where SR is bound to get more bumps and bruises than your delicate disposition can stand to watch.

Carlye said...

Keep things in prospective: fleas are so much better and easier to get rid of than lice!

Good luck with the house and take care.