Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On location

Well, we're live, but not live from Ramat Beit Shemesh. In fact, we
hope it's pretty un-live at home, specifically involving
anything with more than twice as many legs as me). We're here at
Nechy and Reuven's, hurray, getting our strength back.

Today I came to pick up the baby at the metapelet only to find her in
her emergency backup outfit (which I had just replaced in her bag -
whew). Little Toch had pooped a mighty loose poop (aside: don't you
miss the days when this blog was All Poop, All The Time? But I
digress...) and gotten everything befilthed. So the metapelet gave her
a bath and changed her, and Sarah Rochel couldn't have been happier.

So back to RBS to throw some belongings into a big garbage bag (no
time for matching luggage), and to let the exterminator in. He sprayed
the house and blasted the back yard, and IY"H tomorrow someone will
come to help me wash down all the floors and super-duper suck-o-matic
vaccuum the couch and beds. Darn, I forgot to call him tonight...

Anyway, once more the kindness of strangers (or in this case, really
good friends) came through and whilst I messed with the poisoner
Princess Pea was watched by the Silversteins, who then took me in too
and fed me (I had forgotten about food). Then off we went to the
doctor, who confirmed that these were indeed some kind of bites all
over me, which is certainly better than the scary hidden alternative,
which begins with a 'sca' and ends with a 'bies' and I don't even want
to talk about it.

Then back in the car to Jerusalem, and here we are. The girl is
sleeping, B"H, in a vintage play pen, today's clothes are all in the
wash (I'm paranoid) and hopefully, hopefully all of this is the
hishtadlus that God wants us to be doing, and it will solve the

Pay no attention to the fact I coulda sworn I got a new bite since we
left RBS, because I am not even thinking about the possibility of my
car having fleas. Who ever heard of such a thing?? It's just me - I'm
psychoscomatically causing bites on my skin. Or, just psycho, period.
Yoav will be home in less than 36 hours, yay!! Till then, we'll be
hiding in our Jerusalemite cave. Goodnight!

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