Sunday, April 29, 2007

Frilly socks: reunited

Ya'll remember my daughter's frilly socks, no? (See here for a reminder.) Well, when we went to Houston last summer, one sadly got left behind. When we went for Pesach, we got it back - hurray! And this shabbos it was warm enough to count as Frilly Sock Weather (as opposed to Tights Weather). Alas, didn't get a pic, but it was good to be back. That said, funny how the heel of the sock hits her smack in the middle of her arches.

Because she's a big girl now. Whoa.

Lately (read: the last two nights), when she was being put to bed, she would stop nursing and not just fall asleep, but give a little kvetch or wiggle and generally convey, "Okay Ma, enough with the singing, bed now please!" So I put her down, and she immediately flops onto her tummy and is still. I creep out, and a few minutes later she starts talking. And talking. And keeps talking for a while longer (like Yoav said it was twenty minutes last night!) until she falls asleep!

She's quite the talker now. She sings too, "ayah ayah ayah," and of course, that immortal ditty, "ahbid yaba day." She has moods too (as you can see by this serious (read: about to cry) shot of her pondering the mysteries of life and lint on the rug). She gets delicate and sensitive and silly and giggly and affectionate and... well, perfect. She kinda stays perfect.

Here are a couple pictures from Friday, when she and Yoav went into J-town to visit Savta Raba, and Aunt Nili was there too. That's the new stroller too, as well as evidence of how my daughter eats her daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too.

Friday night we ate out by friends, and the girl deigned to go to sleep in the chariot we had brought with us. So she stayed up... until midnight! Then, bless her, she slept until about 10 AM (with breaks for food, of course) so hey, win-win situation for us all! Well, not for Yoav. He only got six hours of sleep. But I was good!

Speaking of sleep, she's been doing a few 8 hour stretches lately. Shhh... don't tell anyone. I'd hate to have to delete my tracker from the bottom of the blog (what, you never saw it? Scroll down!).

And in a rite of passage for all new parents, we spent a bit of time and a lot of my parent's luggage space (and, incidentally, their funds) to get my daughter her very own swing to hang from the pergola out back! We finally installed it, and... my daughter cries the second she gets into it! Like, dissolves in tears! Oh well.

I think that's pretty much it for now. This last picture is from a guest photographer (thanks SK!) of Toch and I on our front mirpeset last week.

Ahbid yaba day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BMA #2,457.5

As you all know, my daughter had a fever recently due to her vaccination a while ago. Well, clearly my metapelet isn't reading this blog, because SHE called me at work today to tell me my daughter is running a fever and is miserable.

She NEVER calls.

My daughter could throw up everywhere (including on other children - it's happened), could have a fever, could have poop leaking out her clothing, etc, etc, and she doesn't call.

So when they told me who was on the phone.. um, small panic there.

I explained about the shot, she said oh, if she would have known, etc, etc. I blamed it on Yoav (who dropped her off) for not telling her, but, yeah, sorry Yoav, you were just the scapegoat, I should have told her or told you to tell her. Ooops.

Anyway, so poor Toch had to get a suppository to bring the fever down, since the metapelet didn't have any liquid medicine on her. Eeep. Can't say I'm not sorry I wasn't there for THAT part.

I gave her good old fashioned infant Motrin tonight before bedtime. And she had fish sticks for dinner! What next, spam!?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


One of my friends in the park today pointed out that Yom Haatzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) is the only 'Sunday' we get all year, meaning it's the only day off that's not a shabbos or yom tov or right before a shabbos or yom tov. So we can drive and do everything and aren't restricted or trying to cook for a holiday or meet a sunset deadline. It's a Sunday.

Yoav had to 'work' today at the elementary school; they're too frum to have off on Y.H., but realistically they knew few kids would show, so most of class was a staff vs. student volleyball game. Then he met us in the park where we crashed a friend's BBQ. How suburban.

Oh yeah, last night down the block there was a massive fireworks show (well, massive for here - Astroworld (OBM) had a better one) at the local community center. Yoav and I went out on the mirpeset to watch it (thankfully it didn't wake up the girl) and I could NOT restrain myself from whistling "The Star Spangled Banner" throughout. I'm so bad...

The babe is doing well, thank God. She ran a fever last night and tonight, right on schedule as the normal delayed reaction to the MMR shot. She didn't seem bothered at all, just incidentally was feverish.

She's asleep now, but only just. We had put her to bed a bit early (not on purpose, just happened), and after about 5 minutes of sleep she said, "No thank you!" So we took her out and let her play in the darkened living room, gave her a bottle of warm (cow's) milk, etc, etc, and she's out now, about an hour later.

Enjoy the pictures of her. Like the rest of the world, thanks to global warming our weather has been confused lately, so she was wearing fall clothes a couple days ago and today needed a sun hat and short sleeves. Thanks to various and sundry grandmothers, never fear - we're not lacking for wardrobe options for ANY weather. Oh, and note the balloon tied to the girl's walker. She, predictably, LOVES that balloon! It was very sweetly brought by our shabbos guests for me, since shabbos was my 29th birthday (the Hebrew one). 29. Jeepers.

Somehow, Sarah Rochel being 13 months old is a lot bigger than me being 29 years old.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pesach photos and latest update

Better late than never... From the top, first the three of us erev yuntiv, then that's Courtney and I, and then her Jacob with our Sarah Rochel, then all the grandparents with the girl in NY, then sequentially out of order back to Houston and my grandfather, then my mom and the baby in NY.

Of course, we saw other wonderful friends and family and stuff, but kept forgetting to take out the camera.. us, of all people! Imagine!

(Ya'll noticed that delicious elbow dimple, right? Edible child!)

I'm a little behind on the news, so I'll try to catch up.

The new work schedule is challenging, especially since we only get home around 4:30 or 5 PM, which is when most of my daughter's park playmates are heading home for baths and dinner and things. So it's a little lonely at present, but we're trying to work it out. Work itself is an adjustment, and it is definitely less enjoyable than it used to be. But we'll see how things develop.

I am almost done with my antibiotics, take two, and B"H am feeling just fine, hurray!

Yoav is convinced the child took a step today. However, I think she just stood alone for a moment and then with one foot up fell forward (big difference). Still, she is SO close to walking, just doesn't feel the need yet.

The metapelet says my daughter has been shoving the other children. When I expressed my concern about that (since bullying is not really what we prayed our daughter would turn out to do), the metapelet said she's happy to see Toch isn't overly passive, which will keep her safe in dealing with other children. Um, yeah. She said the pushing is more defensive. In that case, great! I am probably explaining this badly. But it seems Sroch can take care of herself! We had no doubts.

Had I blogged yet that I finally taught my daughter how to sign (as in sign language) that she wants to nurse? I'm very proud of her. She does abuse it a teensy bit, however, often asking when she doesn't actually seem to be hungry (and then she just plays, doesn't eat). But considering how much more time I'm away from her every day now (sigh), I am happy she has a way of saying, "Mommy, I need a little one-on-one cuddle time now, okay?" It's hard, because after work when she and I are home, I want to spend time with her but I also want to Accomplish Things while it's still daylight and I have some energy. It's a hard balance.

Let's see, what else? I really need to take notes when I blog this infrequently, cause I know there was more stuff I wanted to record for internet posterity... Don't know, and despite my two hour shabbos nap (Thank you Yoav! Thank you seminary girls!), I'm awfully tired, so I'll go. Hopefully this week will allow more blogging time. Oh yeah, I'm off work on Tuesday because of Yom Haatzmaut, so there's always then! Gut voch!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dark side video

Man my living room needs better lighting...

My daughter tonight discovered canned peas, and was eating them like they were going out of style. I was thrilled! She then ate lots of little pasta ring things (like small Cheerios) and cottage cheese. You realize, of course, that I'll now serve these things often and she'll never touch them again.

Tochterbean got two shots today, her first MMR and her big DtAP or whatever it is. Took it like a pro! And the nurse there said she was 8.18 kilo. Which means... oops, she's still firmly on that 3% weight curve. Good enough for us!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I'm on stronger antibiotics now, hurray, and the first day of Long Work Schedule was... fine. The girl was fine too, perfectly happy in the car and at the metapelet's, thank God!

Must run to bed, but my girl is asleep for two hours (MASSIVE bli ayin hara - let's hear it for the metapelet's, where it was impossible for her to take long naps today!), my dishes are all washed, a load of laundry is done, our food is packed up for tomorrow, I swept the floor, I'm blogging and I did some online shopping for a friend. Not bad!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Enter Superwoman

I'm sorry about the dismal blogging, sorry about the lack of pictures,
sorry that my throat is hurting again, sorry about not calling
everyone in America while I was there (RS, would you believe I only
listened to your voice mail the night before we left? Sigh.). Since we
got home I've been walking around wondering if the trip was worth
it... had Tochterbean not fallen asleep easy tonight I would have
concluded it WASN'T worth it, but she did and so I'm still glad we
went. But man, this parenting gig is WORK sometimes!

Anyway, the flight home was... alright. She slept a lot, ate little,
threw up ALL over herself and me (thank you God for inspiring me to
bring a change of shirt for myself, because I was not fit for public
consumption), and we made it.

We get home, and I walk in and say, "wow, this place is a dump!" It
wasn't, really, but I got used to much LARGER open spaces, and
throwing full suitcases into our small living room didn't improve
things. But a few hours later it was better, and now we've unpacked
and sorted and tidied and it's home sweet home. Sarah Rochel
definitely misses the wall to wall carpeting, or maybe I'm

While we were away my daughter decided she does NOT like sleeping
anywhere but in Mommy's (or Abba's) arms, thank you very much. So as
we attempt to remind her when nighttime is, there's been an awful lot
of crying, whether because her cribby isn't familiar to her anymore,
or because she doesn't want to be in any crib, I don't know. But
tonight, thanks to God, she went down easy and at a vaguely normal
hour. So now it just remains to be seen if she gets up for the 2-4 AM
stretch (again), or sleeps through. Hold a good thought!

I'm all roiled of stomach over starting my new longer schedule at work
tomorrow. I'm worried about nothing ever getting done in the house
because I'm too tired, worried about my daughter starving because
she's just NOT eating these days (I'm ignoring the fact here that she
eats better at the metapelet than at home), annoyed because my throat
hurts again and my doctor has NO hours on Sunday that I'm not at work
for so I can't go to her, etc, etc, etc.

Thank you, I feel better having shared that with you.

We had a lovely shabbos with cousin Ben and cousin-in-law Michal.
Thanks to their contributions and those of the wonderful people who
borrowed our car (aren't they sweet for having made us shabbos?), I
hardly made any of the food for shabbos, yet we still feasted nobly.
And now it's late, I'm still exhausted (did I mention my throat
hurting again?), and I need to triage the kitchen into submission,
pack up the food my daughter will be throwing on the floor tomorrow,
and go to bed. Goodnight all - tomorrow (maybe) I'll pull out my
computer again (I'm using Yoav's now) so I'll be able to post pictures
from the trip. Ooh, and tonight we used enough shampoo on the girl to
make her first bathtime mohawk, so be sure and get excited for those
pictures. Shavua tov!

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Okay, latest anti-social excuse, I was stricken (is 'smote' more appropriate for the holiday?) by strep on day 2 of the holiday, and only today am I feeling better. I couldn't even call people - heck, I could hardly eat, and THAT is sad on Pesach!!

Anyway, rushing to shabbos now. My folks are on antibiotics now too, but I am happy to report the tochter continues happy and healthy, ba"h, and good shabbos to all!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Tonight my husband and baby daughter and I will stay up late. We've been preparing for tonight all week, but really, all our lives. Finally the mind-numbing oppression we've known as long as we can remember is coming to an end, and with blood on our doorposts and stringy lamb in our teeth, we'll go to sleep confident that we're safe. And tomorrow.... tomorrow we'll strap some paltry provisions to our backs (who needs to bring a lot of luggage? Leaving Egypt is like an all-inclusive vacation), load up the donkey herd with some, ahem, borrowed golden booty, and we're outa here. We have a date with our homeland, with a pause along the way to receive a guidebook on how to live our lives.

It's gonna be amazing.

And it all starts in a few hours.

Chag kasher vsameach everyone, and may it be the last one here in galus before the final all-inclusive journey to the promised land. See you at the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash - I'll be the one with the tambourine (Sarah Rochel favors the maracas).

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Continued excellence in drooling

We are here in sunny (har!) NY, where the heat is on and we're in our fuzzy pajamas. Well, just one pair of pajamas over and over again, since Distracted Mommy Traveling Sans Husband (although with her parents) managed to leave the duffel with all the Tochter clothes in it back on the airport parking bus. Darn. Well, at least it gave the grandmothers the opportunity to buy more cute clothes, and thanks to the dual miracles of Uncle Micah and UPS, her stuff should arrive tomorrow, we hope. (Some of my shoes are in there too, grumble grumble.)

SR is showing increased proficiency in eating with a spoon, in not putting everything she finds into her mouth, in walking just holding on with one hand (she shows NO inclination to go solo yet), in drooling on Savta's carpet (sorry 'bout that), and of course, in playing with her copious new toys. She also finds Bed Bath and Beyond a nice place to poop in, which is a gratuitous poop mention, I know, but darn it, I'm sure all of you out there really miss news of my daughter's bodily functions.

Speaking of which, something about America tends to make my daughter scream in the middle of the night. In Houston, she would wake up around 3-5 AM, eat, and then bug out if you tried to put her back in the cribby. Here, the timing hasn't been as consistent, but man oh Manishewitz, last night she had a freak attack around 2 AM that took us turning on the light and both shushing and soothing and letting her sleep in my bed to get her to chill. Freaky. Night terror? Who knows, but it was weird. Somewhere around 4 AM I moved her back into the pack-n-play, since Prunella had rolled and wiggled over until she was in the middle of the bed, and I was falling off. Thanks a lot, Squirt.

We are trying to be less anti-social, but I still haven't called 'most anyone, mostly (I think) because by now my brain is wired to call my friends in America when it's like midnight, and that's not so appreciated over here. We're a work in progress.