Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BMA #2,457.5

As you all know, my daughter had a fever recently due to her vaccination a while ago. Well, clearly my metapelet isn't reading this blog, because SHE called me at work today to tell me my daughter is running a fever and is miserable.

She NEVER calls.

My daughter could throw up everywhere (including on other children - it's happened), could have a fever, could have poop leaking out her clothing, etc, etc, and she doesn't call.

So when they told me who was on the phone.. um, small panic there.

I explained about the shot, she said oh, if she would have known, etc, etc. I blamed it on Yoav (who dropped her off) for not telling her, but, yeah, sorry Yoav, you were just the scapegoat, I should have told her or told you to tell her. Ooops.

Anyway, so poor Toch had to get a suppository to bring the fever down, since the metapelet didn't have any liquid medicine on her. Eeep. Can't say I'm not sorry I wasn't there for THAT part.

I gave her good old fashioned infant Motrin tonight before bedtime. And she had fish sticks for dinner! What next, spam!?

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