Sunday, April 01, 2007

Continued excellence in drooling

We are here in sunny (har!) NY, where the heat is on and we're in our fuzzy pajamas. Well, just one pair of pajamas over and over again, since Distracted Mommy Traveling Sans Husband (although with her parents) managed to leave the duffel with all the Tochter clothes in it back on the airport parking bus. Darn. Well, at least it gave the grandmothers the opportunity to buy more cute clothes, and thanks to the dual miracles of Uncle Micah and UPS, her stuff should arrive tomorrow, we hope. (Some of my shoes are in there too, grumble grumble.)

SR is showing increased proficiency in eating with a spoon, in not putting everything she finds into her mouth, in walking just holding on with one hand (she shows NO inclination to go solo yet), in drooling on Savta's carpet (sorry 'bout that), and of course, in playing with her copious new toys. She also finds Bed Bath and Beyond a nice place to poop in, which is a gratuitous poop mention, I know, but darn it, I'm sure all of you out there really miss news of my daughter's bodily functions.

Speaking of which, something about America tends to make my daughter scream in the middle of the night. In Houston, she would wake up around 3-5 AM, eat, and then bug out if you tried to put her back in the cribby. Here, the timing hasn't been as consistent, but man oh Manishewitz, last night she had a freak attack around 2 AM that took us turning on the light and both shushing and soothing and letting her sleep in my bed to get her to chill. Freaky. Night terror? Who knows, but it was weird. Somewhere around 4 AM I moved her back into the pack-n-play, since Prunella had rolled and wiggled over until she was in the middle of the bed, and I was falling off. Thanks a lot, Squirt.

We are trying to be less anti-social, but I still haven't called 'most anyone, mostly (I think) because by now my brain is wired to call my friends in America when it's like midnight, and that's not so appreciated over here. We're a work in progress.


Rebecca Schochet said...

Atleast you are admitting that you're not calling ppl back (hmhmhmmmm waiting for that call back!). Enjoy the family bonding time and have a great yom tov!

Faye Berman said...

Hey Mir,
It was great to hear from you today. Thanks so much for calling. Maybe we will get another chance to speak before you go back. Have a Chag Kasher v'Sameach!