Saturday, April 14, 2007

Enter Superwoman

I'm sorry about the dismal blogging, sorry about the lack of pictures,
sorry that my throat is hurting again, sorry about not calling
everyone in America while I was there (RS, would you believe I only
listened to your voice mail the night before we left? Sigh.). Since we
got home I've been walking around wondering if the trip was worth
it... had Tochterbean not fallen asleep easy tonight I would have
concluded it WASN'T worth it, but she did and so I'm still glad we
went. But man, this parenting gig is WORK sometimes!

Anyway, the flight home was... alright. She slept a lot, ate little,
threw up ALL over herself and me (thank you God for inspiring me to
bring a change of shirt for myself, because I was not fit for public
consumption), and we made it.

We get home, and I walk in and say, "wow, this place is a dump!" It
wasn't, really, but I got used to much LARGER open spaces, and
throwing full suitcases into our small living room didn't improve
things. But a few hours later it was better, and now we've unpacked
and sorted and tidied and it's home sweet home. Sarah Rochel
definitely misses the wall to wall carpeting, or maybe I'm

While we were away my daughter decided she does NOT like sleeping
anywhere but in Mommy's (or Abba's) arms, thank you very much. So as
we attempt to remind her when nighttime is, there's been an awful lot
of crying, whether because her cribby isn't familiar to her anymore,
or because she doesn't want to be in any crib, I don't know. But
tonight, thanks to God, she went down easy and at a vaguely normal
hour. So now it just remains to be seen if she gets up for the 2-4 AM
stretch (again), or sleeps through. Hold a good thought!

I'm all roiled of stomach over starting my new longer schedule at work
tomorrow. I'm worried about nothing ever getting done in the house
because I'm too tired, worried about my daughter starving because
she's just NOT eating these days (I'm ignoring the fact here that she
eats better at the metapelet than at home), annoyed because my throat
hurts again and my doctor has NO hours on Sunday that I'm not at work
for so I can't go to her, etc, etc, etc.

Thank you, I feel better having shared that with you.

We had a lovely shabbos with cousin Ben and cousin-in-law Michal.
Thanks to their contributions and those of the wonderful people who
borrowed our car (aren't they sweet for having made us shabbos?), I
hardly made any of the food for shabbos, yet we still feasted nobly.
And now it's late, I'm still exhausted (did I mention my throat
hurting again?), and I need to triage the kitchen into submission,
pack up the food my daughter will be throwing on the floor tomorrow,
and go to bed. Goodnight all - tomorrow (maybe) I'll pull out my
computer again (I'm using Yoav's now) so I'll be able to post pictures
from the trip. Ooh, and tonight we used enough shampoo on the girl to
make her first bathtime mohawk, so be sure and get excited for those
pictures. Shavua tov!


Faye Berman said...

So i bet these people who borrowed your car did not get it stolen, broken, towed, and a ticket attached to it!!!!!!!!! (Always look on the bright side of life)

Miriam the Mommy said...

Ah, to think I had forgotten about that delightful adventure... :)

Faye Berman said...

Happy to help with the memory lane walking. The pic of S'Roch with the mohawk was too cute!