Monday, April 02, 2007


Tonight my husband and baby daughter and I will stay up late. We've been preparing for tonight all week, but really, all our lives. Finally the mind-numbing oppression we've known as long as we can remember is coming to an end, and with blood on our doorposts and stringy lamb in our teeth, we'll go to sleep confident that we're safe. And tomorrow.... tomorrow we'll strap some paltry provisions to our backs (who needs to bring a lot of luggage? Leaving Egypt is like an all-inclusive vacation), load up the donkey herd with some, ahem, borrowed golden booty, and we're outa here. We have a date with our homeland, with a pause along the way to receive a guidebook on how to live our lives.

It's gonna be amazing.

And it all starts in a few hours.

Chag kasher vsameach everyone, and may it be the last one here in galus before the final all-inclusive journey to the promised land. See you at the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash - I'll be the one with the tambourine (Sarah Rochel favors the maracas).

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Faye Berman said...

Hope you had a great Seder! Will try to call Erev Shabbos, Bli Neder.