Sunday, April 29, 2007

Frilly socks: reunited

Ya'll remember my daughter's frilly socks, no? (See here for a reminder.) Well, when we went to Houston last summer, one sadly got left behind. When we went for Pesach, we got it back - hurray! And this shabbos it was warm enough to count as Frilly Sock Weather (as opposed to Tights Weather). Alas, didn't get a pic, but it was good to be back. That said, funny how the heel of the sock hits her smack in the middle of her arches.

Because she's a big girl now. Whoa.

Lately (read: the last two nights), when she was being put to bed, she would stop nursing and not just fall asleep, but give a little kvetch or wiggle and generally convey, "Okay Ma, enough with the singing, bed now please!" So I put her down, and she immediately flops onto her tummy and is still. I creep out, and a few minutes later she starts talking. And talking. And keeps talking for a while longer (like Yoav said it was twenty minutes last night!) until she falls asleep!

She's quite the talker now. She sings too, "ayah ayah ayah," and of course, that immortal ditty, "ahbid yaba day." She has moods too (as you can see by this serious (read: about to cry) shot of her pondering the mysteries of life and lint on the rug). She gets delicate and sensitive and silly and giggly and affectionate and... well, perfect. She kinda stays perfect.

Here are a couple pictures from Friday, when she and Yoav went into J-town to visit Savta Raba, and Aunt Nili was there too. That's the new stroller too, as well as evidence of how my daughter eats her daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches too.

Friday night we ate out by friends, and the girl deigned to go to sleep in the chariot we had brought with us. So she stayed up... until midnight! Then, bless her, she slept until about 10 AM (with breaks for food, of course) so hey, win-win situation for us all! Well, not for Yoav. He only got six hours of sleep. But I was good!

Speaking of sleep, she's been doing a few 8 hour stretches lately. Shhh... don't tell anyone. I'd hate to have to delete my tracker from the bottom of the blog (what, you never saw it? Scroll down!).

And in a rite of passage for all new parents, we spent a bit of time and a lot of my parent's luggage space (and, incidentally, their funds) to get my daughter her very own swing to hang from the pergola out back! We finally installed it, and... my daughter cries the second she gets into it! Like, dissolves in tears! Oh well.

I think that's pretty much it for now. This last picture is from a guest photographer (thanks SK!) of Toch and I on our front mirpeset last week.

Ahbid yaba day!


Rebecca said...

thanks for updating the blogg. you are really loosing points here missy!
I guess the peanut butter scare has not hit Israel yet...Like the whole America is a peanut free environment. Bh Israel has retained some sanity!
Miss u!

Rebecca said...

ps the pics are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Gosh i miss you!! oh and by the way i am almost prob coming to israel this summer, so book me a shabbos!!!! -tzip

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Hi great pics as usual and yes she is too young for mitzvah marbles lol. Great seeing you(virtually):)