Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pesach photos and latest update

Better late than never... From the top, first the three of us erev yuntiv, then that's Courtney and I, and then her Jacob with our Sarah Rochel, then all the grandparents with the girl in NY, then sequentially out of order back to Houston and my grandfather, then my mom and the baby in NY.

Of course, we saw other wonderful friends and family and stuff, but kept forgetting to take out the camera.. us, of all people! Imagine!

(Ya'll noticed that delicious elbow dimple, right? Edible child!)

I'm a little behind on the news, so I'll try to catch up.

The new work schedule is challenging, especially since we only get home around 4:30 or 5 PM, which is when most of my daughter's park playmates are heading home for baths and dinner and things. So it's a little lonely at present, but we're trying to work it out. Work itself is an adjustment, and it is definitely less enjoyable than it used to be. But we'll see how things develop.

I am almost done with my antibiotics, take two, and B"H am feeling just fine, hurray!

Yoav is convinced the child took a step today. However, I think she just stood alone for a moment and then with one foot up fell forward (big difference). Still, she is SO close to walking, just doesn't feel the need yet.

The metapelet says my daughter has been shoving the other children. When I expressed my concern about that (since bullying is not really what we prayed our daughter would turn out to do), the metapelet said she's happy to see Toch isn't overly passive, which will keep her safe in dealing with other children. Um, yeah. She said the pushing is more defensive. In that case, great! I am probably explaining this badly. But it seems Sroch can take care of herself! We had no doubts.

Had I blogged yet that I finally taught my daughter how to sign (as in sign language) that she wants to nurse? I'm very proud of her. She does abuse it a teensy bit, however, often asking when she doesn't actually seem to be hungry (and then she just plays, doesn't eat). But considering how much more time I'm away from her every day now (sigh), I am happy she has a way of saying, "Mommy, I need a little one-on-one cuddle time now, okay?" It's hard, because after work when she and I are home, I want to spend time with her but I also want to Accomplish Things while it's still daylight and I have some energy. It's a hard balance.

Let's see, what else? I really need to take notes when I blog this infrequently, cause I know there was more stuff I wanted to record for internet posterity... Don't know, and despite my two hour shabbos nap (Thank you Yoav! Thank you seminary girls!), I'm awfully tired, so I'll go. Hopefully this week will allow more blogging time. Oh yeah, I'm off work on Tuesday because of Yom Haatzmaut, so there's always then! Gut voch!


Faye Berman said...

so cute!!! She is getting so big KE"H. Courtney's baby is also adorable. Please send her my love.

Sabba Lenny said...

Soon, when the weather is hotter, more children will be out later to avoid the heat, so I expect SR will then find plenty of playmates in the park. Also, when 'Mommy' gets off antibiotics she may feel less tired.
Enjoy your Yom Ha'Atzmaut holiday.