Tuesday, April 24, 2007


One of my friends in the park today pointed out that Yom Haatzmaut (Israeli Independence Day) is the only 'Sunday' we get all year, meaning it's the only day off that's not a shabbos or yom tov or right before a shabbos or yom tov. So we can drive and do everything and aren't restricted or trying to cook for a holiday or meet a sunset deadline. It's a Sunday.

Yoav had to 'work' today at the elementary school; they're too frum to have off on Y.H., but realistically they knew few kids would show, so most of class was a staff vs. student volleyball game. Then he met us in the park where we crashed a friend's BBQ. How suburban.

Oh yeah, last night down the block there was a massive fireworks show (well, massive for here - Astroworld (OBM) had a better one) at the local community center. Yoav and I went out on the mirpeset to watch it (thankfully it didn't wake up the girl) and I could NOT restrain myself from whistling "The Star Spangled Banner" throughout. I'm so bad...

The babe is doing well, thank God. She ran a fever last night and tonight, right on schedule as the normal delayed reaction to the MMR shot. She didn't seem bothered at all, just incidentally was feverish.

She's asleep now, but only just. We had put her to bed a bit early (not on purpose, just happened), and after about 5 minutes of sleep she said, "No thank you!" So we took her out and let her play in the darkened living room, gave her a bottle of warm (cow's) milk, etc, etc, and she's out now, about an hour later.

Enjoy the pictures of her. Like the rest of the world, thanks to global warming our weather has been confused lately, so she was wearing fall clothes a couple days ago and today needed a sun hat and short sleeves. Thanks to various and sundry grandmothers, never fear - we're not lacking for wardrobe options for ANY weather. Oh, and note the balloon tied to the girl's walker. She, predictably, LOVES that balloon! It was very sweetly brought by our shabbos guests for me, since shabbos was my 29th birthday (the Hebrew one). 29. Jeepers.

Somehow, Sarah Rochel being 13 months old is a lot bigger than me being 29 years old.

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