Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catch us if you can

As my friend Brenda blogged recently, stop the ride cause I want to get off! Life has just been very.. full lately. Here's some of what's going on...

I had a company trip last week (or was it two weeks ago?) which involved a really neat "Dialogue With the Blind" exhibit, and a boat ride/bbq. The blind thing was a walk-through in total pitch darkness (with blind people canes), through an outdoor setting, a street, a house, a store - even the ubiquitous Israeli snack-bar-at-the-end-of-the-anything. You're led by an actual blind person ("Real live blind people!" on the flashing neon signs, no doubt, except we couldn't see them) and it's a real educational experience. We were most happily in segregated groups, happy since I didn't need to be groping my male coworkers in the dark, ya know? And then the boat ride out from Herzelia, which was lovely. I wore my old big floppy hat from sheva brachos, and got many, many comments on it. I won't repeat any of them here. Harumph. But I didn't get sunburnt either! Pay no attention to the beer bottle in hand of the guy behind me...

Here are a couple pictures we took right before Shavuos started of Abba and the Girl in Her Finery. I particularly like the shot that shows exactly what it's like to get the girl to pose for pictures these days. The dress is YUM (thanks Michelle!), it's all fitted like a gown and with a poofy skirt. Look at those arms - my daughter is SUCH a whitey...
Irish blood much? The skin on her arms, which are exposed to the sun, are the same color as my, um, well, unexposed to the sun skin.

Yoav buzzed the doc last week with the girl. She now weighs 8.8 kilo, which is just under 20 pounds. The doc is happy, we're happy... except I STILL can't turn around her car seat to forward facing - argh!! Maybe next time I should weigh her with lead in her diaper...

I went to a chinuch shiur (education class), focusing on ages 0-3. I even took a prop with me! Well, Yoav had to be in J-lem, and I couldn't find a babysitter... At least I made no obvious parental blunders during the shiur, and based on what she said, hey, I may not have scarred my daughter for life yet! Speaking of scarring...

Her two (!) teeth are fully in place now, it seems, albeit somewhat crooked. How's that orthodontics fund coming? I did my best to get ya'll a picture of the two little pearls. Ow. Sharp pearls.

She hasn't really taken many more steps since I last blogged. She's just not so into it. Whatever, she CAN do it, so if she chooses not to it doesn't bother me. She's wildfire on her walker though. And today when I picked her up from the metapelet, she was using a little kiddy chair as a walker. I came in... and she walked right by me. Thanks kiddo. I needed that. Thbbbt.

The weather is erratic, but getting hotter (supposed to be 33 degrees Celcius tomorrow in J-town, and I am WAY too tired to tell you anything more than that's HOT) (I think it's about 45 kilometers per hour, unless I converted the milliliters wrong... didn't carry the two...). I have a stupped ub node.

Work is busy busy busy, and today we interviewed two more potential underlings. It will be hard for me to manage men older than myself. And yet, I will crack my whip and do whatever it takes, darn it! We work hard for the money... And maybe they'll pick up my dry cleaning!

It's the end of the school year, so besides work being busy, all of Yoav's school jobs are rather busy too with finals and end of the year banquets and so on. Yoav just walked in, actually, home at 11:20 PM. A wee bit close to normal for my tastes.

Lastly, I'd like to publicly THANK GOD that once again, rather than apportioning a level of suffering in this world to us through health, etc, Hashem has smitten our car, and NOT us. By no fault of his own, when Yoav was driving yesterday the car spun out on the highway. Yoav recovered from the spin and the skid (I woulda been over the guard rail, God forbid) just in time for someone else to totally broadside him. Both airbags deploy. Car is rather smooshed. Car is totalled, actually. And Yoav is... fine. Not even a bruise. THANK YOU HASHEM!! And please, please send someone to tell us just WHAT the lesson is that we need to learn, cause we can't take much more of this (suffice to say, we've done this totalled car shtick before).

You know, being a busy mom type person, I don't have the same prayer obligations as a non-mother type person. Still, I try to daven at least one shmone esreh a day, if I can. When I can't, I have an informal "short tfila" which is basically a bit of praising God, a bit of asking for things, and a bit of thanking for things. Wow, do I have a lot to be thankful for.

We're alive. We have a home, a home in Israel (!). We're privledged to feel close to God. We're religious. We're gainfully employed. We're financially secure (well, close enough to it). We have a car, we have good toys (computers, digital cameras, etc), we have furniture. We have air conditioning.

We're healthy. We have each other. We have the most amazing precious precocious gift of a princess that there ever was. QED, we have it all. Bli ayin hara.

Thank you Hashem!

Monday, May 28, 2007

This toch was made for walkin'...

Last night, she did it! She walked multiple consecutive steps between Yoav and I several times!! HURRAY!! My big girl!!

I, of course, cried. Quite a bit. Bye bye baby!

Of course, she then went 0 to 60 of a way overtired baby, had to take a nap Right Then, and was groggy for the rest of the day. Oh well!

She slept 10 straight hours last night, and I had to forcibly wake her up. This means I slept 7 straight hours last night, and THAT is a beautiful thing!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Hope you all had a lovely Shavuos, with much cheesecake and fattening things. Ours was very nice - we were at Afikei Torah, and Yoav got to walk to the Kosel for davening in the morning, which is quite the "chavaya" in Yerushalaim on Shavuos. Hordes of people filling the pre-dawn streets moving in a relentless wave towards har habayis... gishmack!! I, of course, was sleeping back at the dorm with the babe.

(Aside to my poor readers who don't know hebrew / yiddish: sorry about the preceeding paragraph! Translation: we had a nice holiday.)

Over Shavuos Sarah Rochel got another tooth!! Two in one week, AND she's still chomping hard on her gums, leading me to think mayhaps we'll see yet ANOTHER one soon. This second one (which is right next to the first) was a little more, um, noticed than the first, that is, it kept us (all of us) up a lot more at night. Yay ibuprofen!

In other news (as I'm sure this blog will appreciate), SR said "POOP" for the first time! Pride swells in our hearts and diapers!!

And now, yet another video for all of you clamoring for more (and here I am specifically referring to my father and brother, not that I see THEM sending me videos of themselves, harumph!). I'm sure you all had a toy like this as children. Note my daughter's precocious manner of getting the little guys to pop up - she wrenches their little lids up, as opposed to pressing the button! Well, it is more efficient! You also get to watch her dancing... enjoy! Good shabbos!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


My child is obsessed with phones, cell phones mostly but she'll take any kind. As Yoav shot days ago, you can see her even operating a moving vehicle while on the phone without a hand's free device. And she the daughter of a cell phone company employee at that!

Today after work we went running around outside in the parking lot and on the sidewalk, with our trusty dusty walker of course. Video to come tomorrow, I hope! She can stand when she's in the mood, has even taken a shaky step or two, but she just isn't interested in walking. Fine with us - the china is safe for a moment or two longer.

Tonight as Sarah Rochel took her bath, she mastered the art of filling and emptying an old bottle with bathwater. Specifically, she mastered emptying over the side of the tub into my lap (and onto my "What To Expect The Toddler Years" - apparently, having bathwater poured all over you is what I shoulda been expecting).

Still just the one tooth, and Toch is still gnawing on fingers and such, but doesn't seem to be in any pain, thank God! She's probably thinking, man, what do I got to DO to get this old piece of cracker out of my mouth already!?

I'll try to blog more tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the leaky pipe on the side of my building. We're vaad bayit now (gosh, explain THAT one in American English... Hmm, it means we're currently the lucky apartment owners in my side of the building responsible for paying the communal bills (and collecting money from the other residents for the same purpose), making sure things in the building get fixed if necessary, arranging for the guy to come wash the entryway once a week, etc, etc), so this leaky pipe is our responsibility. Problem: the plumber said for some reason our builder used some foreign pipes for our infrastructure, and so the washer this desparately needs isn't available in Israel. Joy. So I'm posting these shots so I can send them to a plumbing supply place online and say... HELP! I don't even know what brand this thing is... W? What's W?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First peek

No time to blog, to do laundry, to pick noses besides my daughter's... Today was a Talk'n'Save tiyul (trip) which was very cool and I'd love to write about if I could keep my eyes open.

SR said "cookoo" today!

She most adorably has perfected saying "no no no!" complete with shaking finger motion. She's precious. Now say "ma'am," squirt.

Here's two shots of toothdom! Okay, maybe one is some food in her mouth, but the other is DEFINITELY our little toothy!

Love you all, wishing I could blog more, but must attend to Stuff. Good night!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Stepping out

The other day I almost answered my house phone, "Hello Talk'n'Save, this is Miriam, how can I help you?" Full circle I have come! (This used to be a problem circa 1999, when TnS only had one phone... and I answered it!) The joys of customer service. It's nice to have underlings, I admit... I haven't asked for coffee yet, but I do reserve the right... :)

We're all fine, overtired but fine. Really overtired - the girl took an hour nap on top of her father this afternoon as a follow-up to her nap-on-the-way home. She was up till like 9:30 too, and she was capital-Q hyper! Kiddo wore me out!

Oh, so she's not using a pacifier, hasn't for months, thank God. But she found an old one and immediately started sucking on it and talking around it and crawling around like a, well, like the kind of pacifier-sucking toddler that I always wanted to avoid having, which is why I never wanted her to have a pacifier in the first place. So as soon as she took it out of her mouth, oops, it mysteriously disappeared! So sorry! But check out the mondo cheek action, eh?

In walking news, she's not buying it yet. Just because she CAN doesn't mean she wants to. I think we can confirm an actual First Step two days ago (yay!) but there haven't been any follow-up ones. She's a devil with her walker though - watch out, she gets all over with that thing!

I did hear the girl say "nana" refering to a banana. And she says "Mommy" soooo sweetly that I want to increase her allowance. The metapelet says she said "tick tock" today, and that she said "amen"!!! I've been trying to teach her that for AGES, but I haven't heard it yet...

Oh, and the metapelet says she'll have a tooth within two days. Betting odds are opening at 2 to 16.3 (I never did understand odds), all proceeds to my daughter's orthodentia fund. God forbid we should need it!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Standalone baby

Yesterday she did it - she stood! First she did it by accident while Yoav was with her (yesterday being lag baomer, my metapelet and Yoav both had off work, but I didn't!). When she realized she was only holding a toy in her hand (and it wasn't holding her up), she went down. So later I took her to the park, and we practiced standing in the grass - and she's got it!! She kept falling into me because it became a game, but she could stand unsupported for quite a few seconds there. Hurray!!

I picked her up up high, squeezed her real close, and I cried. My big girl!

Speaking of which, the metapelet said Toch said "banana" today, but ya know, I'll wait till I hear that one myself. But she still knows a sheep says "bah" - that's my big girl!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Word update

Okay, we have confirmed another word: Dah. Or perhaps, properly spelled, duh. As in...

Like she can hold it and say it and point to it when asked where it is - she's got it! Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fonnnnnnnnd of you!!

The metapelet said she said "I love you" yesterday, but, hmm, not buying that one till I hear it.

She says 'Mommy' now, not just 'Mama' (although she says that too). She usually remembers that a sheep says 'bah' and has more than once identified her own ears. The latter is a big deal, actually, because previously she's only identified body parts on others, not on herself.

She did not repeat yesterday's 'no' today... think she forgot it? We can hope!

She's growing up all my herself, you know? Like things I was stressing about how to teach her, she's figuring out on her own. For example, eventually she'll need to fall asleep at night without dozing off during nursing. Well, she's about there! She'll nurse alright, but not much, then will just lay her head on me and quietly blink at me in the darkness. Sometimes I'll keep rocking and singing to her (cause hey, I'm in the middle of a song here sometimes), but then I can just get up and kiss her and lay her down in the cribby. And she rolls over and goes to sleep. Or, like tonight, she rolls over, I creep out, and for the next five minutes I hear her talking to herself. Yum! And she's doing it all by herself.

Sigh. Happy sigh. My baby's growing up sigh. Hashem should bless her!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


She learned to say "no."
Oh, booger!
This is her yesterday by the window. Remember how we've mentioned her tendency to wrap things around her neck? I had been working on the computer, when I hear this cloth sliding sound. I look up. Prunella has my purse straps wrapped around her neck, and is crawling to the window like a baby Saint Bernard. Gevalt.