Friday, May 25, 2007


Hope you all had a lovely Shavuos, with much cheesecake and fattening things. Ours was very nice - we were at Afikei Torah, and Yoav got to walk to the Kosel for davening in the morning, which is quite the "chavaya" in Yerushalaim on Shavuos. Hordes of people filling the pre-dawn streets moving in a relentless wave towards har habayis... gishmack!! I, of course, was sleeping back at the dorm with the babe.

(Aside to my poor readers who don't know hebrew / yiddish: sorry about the preceeding paragraph! Translation: we had a nice holiday.)

Over Shavuos Sarah Rochel got another tooth!! Two in one week, AND she's still chomping hard on her gums, leading me to think mayhaps we'll see yet ANOTHER one soon. This second one (which is right next to the first) was a little more, um, noticed than the first, that is, it kept us (all of us) up a lot more at night. Yay ibuprofen!

In other news (as I'm sure this blog will appreciate), SR said "POOP" for the first time! Pride swells in our hearts and diapers!!

And now, yet another video for all of you clamoring for more (and here I am specifically referring to my father and brother, not that I see THEM sending me videos of themselves, harumph!). I'm sure you all had a toy like this as children. Note my daughter's precocious manner of getting the little guys to pop up - she wrenches their little lids up, as opposed to pressing the button! Well, it is more efficient! You also get to watch her dancing... enjoy! Good shabbos!


Debbie said...

ohh look at her go!! i totally need that toy... not for shoshi. for me. i could be entertained for hours...

Faye Berman said...

we're gonna have to get her a lucky to drape over the front of her piano!