Monday, May 07, 2007

Standalone baby

Yesterday she did it - she stood! First she did it by accident while Yoav was with her (yesterday being lag baomer, my metapelet and Yoav both had off work, but I didn't!). When she realized she was only holding a toy in her hand (and it wasn't holding her up), she went down. So later I took her to the park, and we practiced standing in the grass - and she's got it!! She kept falling into me because it became a game, but she could stand unsupported for quite a few seconds there. Hurray!!

I picked her up up high, squeezed her real close, and I cried. My big girl!

Speaking of which, the metapelet said Toch said "banana" today, but ya know, I'll wait till I hear that one myself. But she still knows a sheep says "bah" - that's my big girl!

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