Friday, May 11, 2007

Stepping out

The other day I almost answered my house phone, "Hello Talk'n'Save, this is Miriam, how can I help you?" Full circle I have come! (This used to be a problem circa 1999, when TnS only had one phone... and I answered it!) The joys of customer service. It's nice to have underlings, I admit... I haven't asked for coffee yet, but I do reserve the right... :)

We're all fine, overtired but fine. Really overtired - the girl took an hour nap on top of her father this afternoon as a follow-up to her nap-on-the-way home. She was up till like 9:30 too, and she was capital-Q hyper! Kiddo wore me out!

Oh, so she's not using a pacifier, hasn't for months, thank God. But she found an old one and immediately started sucking on it and talking around it and crawling around like a, well, like the kind of pacifier-sucking toddler that I always wanted to avoid having, which is why I never wanted her to have a pacifier in the first place. So as soon as she took it out of her mouth, oops, it mysteriously disappeared! So sorry! But check out the mondo cheek action, eh?

In walking news, she's not buying it yet. Just because she CAN doesn't mean she wants to. I think we can confirm an actual First Step two days ago (yay!) but there haven't been any follow-up ones. She's a devil with her walker though - watch out, she gets all over with that thing!

I did hear the girl say "nana" refering to a banana. And she says "Mommy" soooo sweetly that I want to increase her allowance. The metapelet says she said "tick tock" today, and that she said "amen"!!! I've been trying to teach her that for AGES, but I haven't heard it yet...

Oh, and the metapelet says she'll have a tooth within two days. Betting odds are opening at 2 to 16.3 (I never did understand odds), all proceeds to my daughter's orthodentia fund. God forbid we should need it!


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

I could picture it now, and wow she really is cute but I think I might have mentioned that.

brenderan said...

For a long while I never got to hear the Mommy word. I realized eventually that his word for mommy was "me" Now its mommy this and mommy that and I pretend I don't understand whining unless he's REALLY tired.

Yoni started walking at exactly 14 months on my birthday. He knew he coudl do it befreo, he just wasn't 100 % confidnet enough to do it on his own until he was. And then he was off and running (literally) and never looked back. It was the same with potty training. He was just ready and it happened.

Good luck with all your precious milestones - things happen so fast you won't get a chance to write about them before she's on to the next accomplishment. Enjoy every minute!

Jennifer said...

I like my blog title in your list of mo' blogs! Haha. So there will be video once the Tochter decides to take a few more steps, right? Shannon is home now for good! So the next time y'all come back to Houston, she'll be here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mir....Quick Question: Do you think you dont have to post more often if you post a few pictures at a time? NO! Your active readers want to see more frequent postings/pictures of the tochter!!!

Looking forward to a post soon....