Thursday, May 03, 2007

Word update

Okay, we have confirmed another word: Dah. Or perhaps, properly spelled, duh. As in...

Like she can hold it and say it and point to it when asked where it is - she's got it! Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fonnnnnnnnd of you!!

The metapelet said she said "I love you" yesterday, but, hmm, not buying that one till I hear it.

She says 'Mommy' now, not just 'Mama' (although she says that too). She usually remembers that a sheep says 'bah' and has more than once identified her own ears. The latter is a big deal, actually, because previously she's only identified body parts on others, not on herself.

She did not repeat yesterday's 'no' today... think she forgot it? We can hope!

She's growing up all my herself, you know? Like things I was stressing about how to teach her, she's figuring out on her own. For example, eventually she'll need to fall asleep at night without dozing off during nursing. Well, she's about there! She'll nurse alright, but not much, then will just lay her head on me and quietly blink at me in the darkness. Sometimes I'll keep rocking and singing to her (cause hey, I'm in the middle of a song here sometimes), but then I can just get up and kiss her and lay her down in the cribby. And she rolls over and goes to sleep. Or, like tonight, she rolls over, I creep out, and for the next five minutes I hear her talking to herself. Yum! And she's doing it all by herself.

Sigh. Happy sigh. My baby's growing up sigh. Hashem should bless her!


Sabba Lenny said...

Objectively, this all falls into place and jives with the expected. But to see the development unfold in our own precious little girl is marvelous and miraculous- a wonder of nature!

Anonymous said...


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Lol I know what you mean:)