Friday, June 29, 2007

All four teeth!

Good shabbos everybody!

Almost 2 AM look back

This day in blog history is here. SMUNCH!

I was about to get into bed when I remembered I promised my dad I would blog tonight. The things we do to make our parents happy!

To review events since I last blogged...

Saba and Savta left, and we miss them! My poor daughter is used to eight arms to hold her*.

Our fourth tooth has emerged, so we have a nice matching set of two on top, two beneath now.

We put the deposit down on our car, now scheduled for arrival in September. We did NOT, by the way, buy it from the unctuous Toyota salesman, but rather from the "oh, are you here to buy a car?" one. Lesser of two evils?

SR tonight, eating her broccoli, said "boki." Genius.

Prunella is now walking about as much as crawling, and we expect walking to pull ahead (har har) permanently in the next few days.

Yoav had a baby earlier this week - I think that's his 11th or something. At least it was in a parking lot inside in the ambulance, as opposed to on the side of the highway. It was a baby girl, and as I ask him every time he delivers someone, indeed, our baby was cuter. But apparently this one was pretty cute too. And when ours was born, he didn't get any, um, fluids on his tie. Blech. Nothing like dry clean only biohazards, but perhaps I am going into too much detail...

For shabbos lunch, we're going to people we don't know, but they invited us over because they heard we were "older, like they are." One of them is 35, one 39. And the word on the street is we are one of the 'older' families on the block. Wow. I asked Yoav what we should bring them for a gift. He said, duh, we're their old friends, so we're bringing wine. Ideally, dry, nasty red wine, something you have to be old to appreciate. Should we bring our own denture products, or figure they have some handy?

I shouldn't make fun. Many of the park crowd are on the lower end of their twenties, while I, as you know, am pushing 30. Wow, I am old!

And now I'm going shloof. Toch only went to bed at 10:30 (late nap), so I hope she and I will both sleep beautifully until like 9. And hopefully the on-duty Yoav will be able to keep sleeping for a while as well.

*That's a Beatles reference, crazy extra points if anyone gets it, and if your last name is Bean and you don't get it, back to Remedial Obsessed Fan 101 with you!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sweet walking angel child with a droopy tushy

Tonight when I was putting her to bed, Tochterbean kept interrupting her nursing. She would crawl up until our faces were level, and then she'd give me a big wet smacker on my chin. We'd both giggle a little, and she'd drop back down to nurse some more. And then she'd do it again. Finally she stopped nursing, and just cuddled up on my shoulder while I kept singing and singing... Like ten minutes later I put her in the crib, where naturally she cried and cried and well, anyway, she's asleep now. But YUM! I never want to wash my chin again. Except, um, I will.

Walking outside with Saba:

Note her adorable nekkedness (it has been HOT!) and the little choking hazard / garter / slingshot that came with her outfit, otherwise known as a headband. Sarah Rochel loved it, kept putting it around her neck. I rest my case. Note also that outfit is a size 12 month (here is it's sister outfit, two sizes and one season ago), and it's still droopy in the nether regions. And aren't her sandals cute?

She is big time talking, cat and car and bird and names of the kids at her metapelet and cracker and cookie and belly/body (those two are kinda slurred) and byebye and up and down and NO and yeah (and she knows which is which!) and I don't even know what else. And she is really walking, not just as a game but as a way to get around. Wow!

No new news on cars. Our Corolla (in Pacific Blue) has been ordered, but I'm still digging for metzias until it's paid for...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo essay and some kvetching

So - we decided on the new Corolla. We test drove it, dealt with the just-a-tad-too-over-the-top unctuous salesboy (if he's over 23 I'll eat my sheytle), and despite the saleboy's glib manner and telling Yoav more than once (while I was driving), "Yoav, control your woman!" we wanted to buy his car anyway. It is QUIET, like you can't tell the car is on quiet. And the new 'robotic' automatic tranmission is... strange. You feel it shift from 1st to 2nd, but after that it's a fairly normal automatic with better fuel efficiency (you can also drive it as a manual, along with little petal shifters on the steering wheel like look like little fairy wings). And Yoav wanted a Normal Car Trunk, as opposed to the Nissan Note's hatchback. We both agreed the Nissan was more comfortable to ride in - exceptionally amazing roominess in the back seat, fantastic seats all around - but Yoav didn't love the hatch's space, and the Corolla comes standard with more airbags (although the Nissan had a standard cd player, and we'll have to either get a new one or put in our old one in the standard Corolla).

Fine, decision made. Problem: We can only have it in August!! But we have to rent our car till then! ARGH! Then a week old (or so) 08 Corolla jumps onto the market (guy bought it for his mom, who couldn't physically lift the handbrake), it's the model above what we're buying (cd player! Power windows in the backseat! Alarm clicker!) AND the price is the standard Corolla plus the cost of renting a car for 6 weeks. Amazing! Yoav is about to get into the car today to go see it... and it was sold minutes before. ARGH! Again! ARGH!

So now our pacific blue Corolla is on order for a, gulp, August 8 delivery. It's summertime, so car rentals are as expensive as they get now, but we cannot be without a car with our current child care arrangements. So we're just spending and spending and spending, and will need to mess with getting a clicker and cd player and and and.

And it's time to stare at my daughter, who is blissfully unaware of all this (maybe not - every day on the way home from J-town, I rant to her about what car to buy).

Here's the girl and her Saba, last erev shabbos, outside in our beautiful garden. My daughter likes to say 'cat.' Because there is a cat. And her kittens. And... scratch, scratch. We just had the exterminator spray outside, again. Sigh.

Here is her Highness post bath, scurrying around in the living room. She was NOT amused when she was returned to pajamas, books and bed.

Here are her first real SHOES! Well, sandals. She cried in them at the store, but we let her play with them at home the next day... and within moments she was trying to put them on herself.

Sigh. Ain't she adorable? And her top tooth just broke through! Bye bye baby!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Car hunter's notebook

I am blogging this for
a) myself
b) all of you who care more about my car hunt than reading old posts about my daughter's bodily functions

We're now looking at new cars (gasp, ack, visions of dollar signs flying out of our wallets evoking Archie comics, but I digress), so here's the short-list:

Toyota Corolla: We haven't been able to get a test drive yet, and just finished reading a review that discusses the new 'robotic' transmission, which is like an automatic shift that keeps all the annoying parts of a stick (sans clutch). Like if you park and don't put on the hand brake you roll back, that kind of thing. The reviewer was NOT impressed - we'll see if we are.
Honda Civic: Okay, this one we couldn't buy new, would have to buy used. We already know it's great, just our amazing mechanic is on the other side of J-town from where we work, so it would be easier to get another brand, not to mention better to buy new. So onto the...
Mazda 3: I balked, I don't adore it, too sporty, not cozy, but Yoav is favoring it, I think. But who wants to drive the same car as everyone else? Which brings me to the...
Nissan Note: This one isn't sold in the US, but I've read rave UK reviews about it. It's kind of a mini-minivan. Of course, Yoav just finished reading an Israeli review of it that liked it better than its Honda competitor (the Jazz) but otherwise said other cars would suit better. Yoav has a test drive of it tomorrow. One car the review said would be better is the...
Ford Focus: I'm also resisting this one, although it has the advantage that the 5 door is the same price as the four door. Rave UK reviews, excellent Israeli reviews - and several people who have told me they know someone who knows someone who hates it and the engine is blah and the brakes have a nasty habit of failing. Aha.

The Corolla, 3, Focus and Note are all about the same price for the basic model (meaning we don't get things like automatic windows in the back seat... That's right, Sarah Rochel, just keep turning it and you'll get some air...). The Civic is more, as aforementioned. The Note appeals to my desire to have a Different Car. Although, as this process stretches on (and we keep paying for our loaner car) I'm ready to shoelace two skateboards together, add a lawn mower motor and wear the baby in a backpack. We'll add an umbrella for rain days. And for the sunshine, check out this stylish chapeau given to the girl by Uncle Micah:

She LOVES it, wears it all the time. Yum!

And now, a reward to those of you who kept reading: new stuff on my daughter's bodily functions! Specifically, today when she pooped (both times) at the metapelet's house, she went over to the metapelet and said, clearly, "Mommy [aside: grrr], cahky!"

Now, let me say I HATE, I LOATHE, I SQUIRM at that particular euphemism for poop ('poop' is, of course, the proper scientific term), but it's the one the metapelet uses. We push the term poop, so I'm not worried, but hey - how about that self-awareness?? That's my girl! And yet, we can so wait on toilet training... at least until we get a car...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Running on empty

In the first few days of our (then free) rental of a Hyundai Getz (as my friend DB said, it getz you where you need to go! Barely.) we discovered that the gas tank needle is very accurate, but there's no low fuel idiot light. I'd like to use this blog to publicly thank Hashem that we (the girl and I) were able to cruise on neutral into the gas station, after saying tehillim through a white-knuckled climb up the highway hill with the accelerator occasionally not responding, since we were driving on fumes!!

We keep it more full now. Because, alas, we still have the rental car. Still looking for a bargain, even looking at something new, although today a new car place's staff was SO unhelpful to me (think they didn't take a woman shopping alone as legit?) that I'm tempted to buy anything other than what they were selling. If and when we ever buy anything, I'll let you know...

The girl continues wonderful, and is enjoying immensely seeing so much of her Saba and Savta (they are kinda sorta enjoying it too, to but it mildly). We bought her SANDALS yesterday, except of course she cried when we put them on and wouldn't take a single step in them. The Robeez are still better for her feet until she's really running around, but at least we're ready!

I just wanted to blog, unrelated to Tochterdom, that last night I had a new recipe I invented, Rice Americano. Ingredients: white rice (Uncle Ben's brand woulda been more authentic), Heinz ketchup, Haolam (NY) Parmesan cheese, and Shoprite brand Bacos. Exquisite!

These two pictures are from the blog post I lost. Note the iron moustache. The crying was because we had told her no about standing in the tub, I think, or maybe that she couldn't play with the camera, or maybe it was about the current political situation here, who can tell...

Doesn't she look like Uncle Boaz?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Google Video isn't uploading right now, so we're back to YouTube. Hope it does this justice...

Amazing, no??? She was going back and forth between Yoav and I for like a half hour. We started undressing her for the tub after a while, which meant we had a delicious naked tochter waddling back and forth. She has dimples in her lower back - YUM! And she walks that bowlegged even sans diaper. That is totally normal for a toddler, by the way.

Oh my. She's a bona fide toddler. She toddles. Wow.

She has been saying, incessantly lately, "Mommy didah" (or is it "Mommy gheeda"?). Over and over, and it's so hard because I feel she's TRYING to tell me something. The metapelet says she's saying "Mommy disah," 'disah' being the Hebrew word for baby cereal. But I never use that word (although the metapelet does) and her saying it seems to have nothing to do with an interest in eating. Still, scrumptious!

She sometimes holds something and says, "Mommy day ge" - that is, "Mommy, take it!"

The car we were thinking strongly about is (a 2005 Civic) now getting tested out, so we're still looking... The used Prius I found lowered its price from 130,000 NIS to 127,000 NIS (that's, oh, about $31,000). Getting cheaper all the time!

Our rental car had a flat tire the other day, and the rim of the spare was crooked, so that when you drove with it the whole car kept shimmying back and forth, wobbling like a Weeble. God is SO trying to tell us something. But we're just thankful, thankful, thankful. Yay God! Yay Tochterbean!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm still standing...

Better than I ever did. Looking like a true survivor... feeling like a little kid.

Still enmeshed in car shopping. I have torque coming out my ears.

Two videos. Sorry one is so dark, but turn up your monitor's brightness and contrast! And sorry one is sideways - turn your monitor on it's side!

Civic or Corolla, Civic or Corolla... and all I want is a Prius...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Manic Monday

I am SO tired!

Good news is I got a small part doing an English dub of two roles in a fafrummy women's movie made here (the movie isn't half bad, but isn't gonna win any awards neither). That pays AWFULLY well (like $35 an hour), but only for actual recording time, meaning I'd best record VERY slowly and with lots of retakes...

Work is busy busy busy, and one of my staff is quitting, and we needed to hire someone new anyway (anyone out there wanna work for me? I'm a nice manager, really!), so we're interviewing people (not fun) and juggling what still needs to be done. Too, too busy at work. Think I could ask for $35/hour?

And we're car shopping, or rather, peeling our little eyeballs out of our heads searching online used car classifieds in Hebrew, while looking at car reviews from the UK (mostly the same models as we have here). I may just let the blog decide what car we should buy. The short list...

Another Honda Civic - maybe. We liked it a lot but maintenence is expensive.
Volkswagen Bora or Golf - I need to sit in them and see how roomy they are.
Mazda 6 - the 3 is too small in the backseat, so the 6 might work
Ford Focus - plebian, but very well reviewed
Citroen C5 - unlikely, a bit of step down from the Japanese and German cars
Nissan Almera - this is what we originally had before IT was totalled and we got the Honda. In the running, we'll see...

Right now I'm so tired I don't know my benzines from my diesels, which is a pity since I have two yummy videos to load for you. It'll have to wait, but enjoy the cute pic above of Her Highness up on the mirpeset, stylish hat and water bottle too. She's so delicious, and when I made a bracha before, she said "amey!" Close enough!

Hee hee - the blog, one year ago today! Think she looks the same?

Friday, June 01, 2007

This Friday in Druyanity

Have I mentioned before how much I love my daughter's regular Friday 3 hour nap? (Bli ayin hara, since right now we're only at the 90 minute mark). She catches up on her sleep, I cook and Yoav cleans. Hurray! And in this case, I blog.

Note these pictures of our burgeoning artist! This was her first ever experience making a mark on something that we WANTED her to make! Actually, for all I know she's used crayons at the metapelet, but I don't think so.

Tactile color?

And what's a burgeon anyway?

Grandparents may rejoice, because now we can start producing fridge art!

The other day I took a mess of nekked pictures of the girl.. don't tell Yoav. This one at least is suitable for public display.

Yikes - was that a cry from the baby's room...? Pause... waiting... Just the one. Hmm...

I've had a busy busy week, all kinds of stuff going on, including birthday parties (someone's 29th) and bar mitzvahs and things. Last night since I was running out, we decided Yoav would put Princess Pea to bed himself. The usual order of business round here is he bathes her, massages her, reads to her, and I come for the nursing nightcap and singing, and I put her in the crib (often still awake-ish, but ready for shloof). Well, last night Yoav went through the whole routine, and then, he said, apparently when she noticed I wasn't going to show up for the last part, she was rather upset!! He didn't give her a bottle (he forgot), so they just rocked until she calmed down, and she went to sleep.

While it wasn't our intention to experiment, it's nice to know she's secure enough to go to sleep for the night without nursing. When I did come in later, I picked her up out of the crib, and she wouldn't even wake up to nurse at all. We're so proud! She's been bli ayin hara sleeping VERY well at nights these days.

And this is from this morning outside. Note the adorable little spandex covered bottom.

She continues to beguile us as she burgeons, and we adore her.

Was that her..? Problem with leaving the windows open is you hear every other kid crying!

That WAS her.

Good shabbos!