Friday, June 29, 2007

Almost 2 AM look back

This day in blog history is here. SMUNCH!

I was about to get into bed when I remembered I promised my dad I would blog tonight. The things we do to make our parents happy!

To review events since I last blogged...

Saba and Savta left, and we miss them! My poor daughter is used to eight arms to hold her*.

Our fourth tooth has emerged, so we have a nice matching set of two on top, two beneath now.

We put the deposit down on our car, now scheduled for arrival in September. We did NOT, by the way, buy it from the unctuous Toyota salesman, but rather from the "oh, are you here to buy a car?" one. Lesser of two evils?

SR tonight, eating her broccoli, said "boki." Genius.

Prunella is now walking about as much as crawling, and we expect walking to pull ahead (har har) permanently in the next few days.

Yoav had a baby earlier this week - I think that's his 11th or something. At least it was in a parking lot inside in the ambulance, as opposed to on the side of the highway. It was a baby girl, and as I ask him every time he delivers someone, indeed, our baby was cuter. But apparently this one was pretty cute too. And when ours was born, he didn't get any, um, fluids on his tie. Blech. Nothing like dry clean only biohazards, but perhaps I am going into too much detail...

For shabbos lunch, we're going to people we don't know, but they invited us over because they heard we were "older, like they are." One of them is 35, one 39. And the word on the street is we are one of the 'older' families on the block. Wow. I asked Yoav what we should bring them for a gift. He said, duh, we're their old friends, so we're bringing wine. Ideally, dry, nasty red wine, something you have to be old to appreciate. Should we bring our own denture products, or figure they have some handy?

I shouldn't make fun. Many of the park crowd are on the lower end of their twenties, while I, as you know, am pushing 30. Wow, I am old!

And now I'm going shloof. Toch only went to bed at 10:30 (late nap), so I hope she and I will both sleep beautifully until like 9. And hopefully the on-duty Yoav will be able to keep sleeping for a while as well.

*That's a Beatles reference, crazy extra points if anyone gets it, and if your last name is Bean and you don't get it, back to Remedial Obsessed Fan 101 with you!


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Don't you talk to your dad on the phone funny that he wants you to blog, thanks for your update.

Faye Berman said...

If it makes you feel better, I passed 30 awhile ago, although it seems to have pushed back! Have a great Shabbos

Zayde said...

Thanks for blogging, not just for me, but for THE WORLD!

"From Me to You", 1963, Northern Songs Limited. So what do I win?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Oooh Tat, good try but you can do better!!

Zayde said...

More obscure: There was a time when the Fab Four thought of naming the movie "Eight Arms to Hold You" instead of "Help". This later was part of the inspiration for the title of the song "Eight Days a Week"

OK, so NOW what do I win?

Miriam the Mommy said...

Bingo!! Well done, youngman!

You win the cutest granddaughter in the world, of course! She's in the mail.

Debbie said...

Guess who I had the zchus to see last night?? Rabbi Oratz!!! SQUEE!! I didn't even know what to say to him so all I said was hi :-(
but it was geshmak being in the same room as him!

Jennifer Bean said...

Man! I have been a poor blog reader and am just now catching up! I missed my chance. Guess it's back to Remedial Obsessed Fan 101 with us. I'll ask Brent anyway and see if he gets it.