Thursday, June 21, 2007

Photo essay and some kvetching

So - we decided on the new Corolla. We test drove it, dealt with the just-a-tad-too-over-the-top unctuous salesboy (if he's over 23 I'll eat my sheytle), and despite the saleboy's glib manner and telling Yoav more than once (while I was driving), "Yoav, control your woman!" we wanted to buy his car anyway. It is QUIET, like you can't tell the car is on quiet. And the new 'robotic' automatic tranmission is... strange. You feel it shift from 1st to 2nd, but after that it's a fairly normal automatic with better fuel efficiency (you can also drive it as a manual, along with little petal shifters on the steering wheel like look like little fairy wings). And Yoav wanted a Normal Car Trunk, as opposed to the Nissan Note's hatchback. We both agreed the Nissan was more comfortable to ride in - exceptionally amazing roominess in the back seat, fantastic seats all around - but Yoav didn't love the hatch's space, and the Corolla comes standard with more airbags (although the Nissan had a standard cd player, and we'll have to either get a new one or put in our old one in the standard Corolla).

Fine, decision made. Problem: We can only have it in August!! But we have to rent our car till then! ARGH! Then a week old (or so) 08 Corolla jumps onto the market (guy bought it for his mom, who couldn't physically lift the handbrake), it's the model above what we're buying (cd player! Power windows in the backseat! Alarm clicker!) AND the price is the standard Corolla plus the cost of renting a car for 6 weeks. Amazing! Yoav is about to get into the car today to go see it... and it was sold minutes before. ARGH! Again! ARGH!

So now our pacific blue Corolla is on order for a, gulp, August 8 delivery. It's summertime, so car rentals are as expensive as they get now, but we cannot be without a car with our current child care arrangements. So we're just spending and spending and spending, and will need to mess with getting a clicker and cd player and and and.

And it's time to stare at my daughter, who is blissfully unaware of all this (maybe not - every day on the way home from J-town, I rant to her about what car to buy).

Here's the girl and her Saba, last erev shabbos, outside in our beautiful garden. My daughter likes to say 'cat.' Because there is a cat. And her kittens. And... scratch, scratch. We just had the exterminator spray outside, again. Sigh.

Here is her Highness post bath, scurrying around in the living room. She was NOT amused when she was returned to pajamas, books and bed.

Here are her first real SHOES! Well, sandals. She cried in them at the store, but we let her play with them at home the next day... and within moments she was trying to put them on herself.

Sigh. Ain't she adorable? And her top tooth just broke through! Bye bye baby!


Jennifer said...

The transmission in my caliber is kind of like what you described. It is a smooooooth ride and I love it! But you're right, it is odd at first. I will have to pull out my old baby pics and compare them to these adorable ones of SR. I have a feeling there's a strong 2nd cousin connection here, especially with the blue eyes! She's too cute!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Hope you love the car so annoying that you have to wait, good things come to those who wait!!!