Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sweet walking angel child with a droopy tushy

Tonight when I was putting her to bed, Tochterbean kept interrupting her nursing. She would crawl up until our faces were level, and then she'd give me a big wet smacker on my chin. We'd both giggle a little, and she'd drop back down to nurse some more. And then she'd do it again. Finally she stopped nursing, and just cuddled up on my shoulder while I kept singing and singing... Like ten minutes later I put her in the crib, where naturally she cried and cried and well, anyway, she's asleep now. But YUM! I never want to wash my chin again. Except, um, I will.

Walking outside with Saba:

Note her adorable nekkedness (it has been HOT!) and the little choking hazard / garter / slingshot that came with her outfit, otherwise known as a headband. Sarah Rochel loved it, kept putting it around her neck. I rest my case. Note also that outfit is a size 12 month (here is it's sister outfit, two sizes and one season ago), and it's still droopy in the nether regions. And aren't her sandals cute?

She is big time talking, cat and car and bird and names of the kids at her metapelet and cracker and cookie and belly/body (those two are kinda slurred) and byebye and up and down and NO and yeah (and she knows which is which!) and I don't even know what else. And she is really walking, not just as a game but as a way to get around. Wow!

No new news on cars. Our Corolla (in Pacific Blue) has been ordered, but I'm still digging for metzias until it's paid for...


Rebecca said...

she sounds soooo cuddly and like one big huggable squish ball! i hope my child is IYH huggable, cutable and mushy like her!!!!!

Zayde said...

She is totally wonderful, beyond what words can express!!