Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Google Video isn't uploading right now, so we're back to YouTube. Hope it does this justice...

Amazing, no??? She was going back and forth between Yoav and I for like a half hour. We started undressing her for the tub after a while, which meant we had a delicious naked tochter waddling back and forth. She has dimples in her lower back - YUM! And she walks that bowlegged even sans diaper. That is totally normal for a toddler, by the way.

Oh my. She's a bona fide toddler. She toddles. Wow.

She has been saying, incessantly lately, "Mommy didah" (or is it "Mommy gheeda"?). Over and over, and it's so hard because I feel she's TRYING to tell me something. The metapelet says she's saying "Mommy disah," 'disah' being the Hebrew word for baby cereal. But I never use that word (although the metapelet does) and her saying it seems to have nothing to do with an interest in eating. Still, scrumptious!

She sometimes holds something and says, "Mommy day ge" - that is, "Mommy, take it!"

The car we were thinking strongly about is (a 2005 Civic) now getting tested out, so we're still looking... The used Prius I found lowered its price from 130,000 NIS to 127,000 NIS (that's, oh, about $31,000). Getting cheaper all the time!

Our rental car had a flat tire the other day, and the rim of the spare was crooked, so that when you drove with it the whole car kept shimmying back and forth, wobbling like a Weeble. God is SO trying to tell us something. But we're just thankful, thankful, thankful. Yay God! Yay Tochterbean!


socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Wow and she didn't get tired, so cute to watch her. Is she a trouble maker or is she as angelic as she looks?

Yitz/Yaffa said...

Yay! She really walks! Mazal tov. Hope to see it live when we return iyH!

Miriam the Mommy said...

She's delicious and perfect and wonderful and I'm at work and I MISS HER!!

Jennifer said...

YEAH! Walking Tochterbean! Give her a big hug and a high five from me.

Debbie said...

yay!! go toch! I love youtube cuz it actually WORKS on my comp! go figure!