Friday, June 01, 2007

This Friday in Druyanity

Have I mentioned before how much I love my daughter's regular Friday 3 hour nap? (Bli ayin hara, since right now we're only at the 90 minute mark). She catches up on her sleep, I cook and Yoav cleans. Hurray! And in this case, I blog.

Note these pictures of our burgeoning artist! This was her first ever experience making a mark on something that we WANTED her to make! Actually, for all I know she's used crayons at the metapelet, but I don't think so.

Tactile color?

And what's a burgeon anyway?

Grandparents may rejoice, because now we can start producing fridge art!

The other day I took a mess of nekked pictures of the girl.. don't tell Yoav. This one at least is suitable for public display.

Yikes - was that a cry from the baby's room...? Pause... waiting... Just the one. Hmm...

I've had a busy busy week, all kinds of stuff going on, including birthday parties (someone's 29th) and bar mitzvahs and things. Last night since I was running out, we decided Yoav would put Princess Pea to bed himself. The usual order of business round here is he bathes her, massages her, reads to her, and I come for the nursing nightcap and singing, and I put her in the crib (often still awake-ish, but ready for shloof). Well, last night Yoav went through the whole routine, and then, he said, apparently when she noticed I wasn't going to show up for the last part, she was rather upset!! He didn't give her a bottle (he forgot), so they just rocked until she calmed down, and she went to sleep.

While it wasn't our intention to experiment, it's nice to know she's secure enough to go to sleep for the night without nursing. When I did come in later, I picked her up out of the crib, and she wouldn't even wake up to nurse at all. We're so proud! She's been bli ayin hara sleeping VERY well at nights these days.

And this is from this morning outside. Note the adorable little spandex covered bottom.

She continues to beguile us as she burgeons, and we adore her.

Was that her..? Problem with leaving the windows open is you hear every other kid crying!

That WAS her.

Good shabbos!

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