Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baruch rofei cholim!

We are SO much better! Yay healing power of shabbos! Yay healing power of homeopathy! Yay healing power of my neighbor's chicken soup! Yay God!

So we're just about wholly recovered. This means we are once again able to bring you cute pictures of the girl and her prodigious boogerage. She has been so prolific in boogers* that we've stopped trying to clean all of them out at any given time, since it makes her SO miserable and her little nostril skin was chafing too...

She's is now officially weaned. I don't think this is actually related, since for the last couple weeks she's been nursing so little that there's hardly a difference, but lately she BUGS OUT if you try to put her in her crib, even if she's already snoring happily on your shoulder. Okay, not ALL the time, but like 3 outa 4 naps or bedtimes. No idea why. She then screams or cries for a bit and falls asleep (or screams until she throws up, in which case we go after her, change clothes and sheets, and start over again (note: it's not like she screams for an hour and yukes - more like three minutes). Tonight it was the same thing - regular bedtime routine, pooped out little girl, bath and massage and teeth and books and shema and singing and - aiiiiiiiieee! Spoke to her gently on my shoulder, told her I had to put her in the crib and why, she was quiet, put her down, she cried (but didn't scream, whew) and in a couple minutes was out cold. But why???

She's also threatening to change her nap schedule, i.e. only an afternoon nap, not a morning-noonish nap. I'm not sure we let. More as this story develops...

Caption: Bathtime? Wait, I have to run and get a book first! It's been 36.4 seconds since we finished the LAST book, and you've only read "Zoe's Gift" twelve times today! That's three times less than YESTERDAY!

I'm considering telling her Zoe died. Actually, I hid the book.

Mommy, are you sure my public can take the sight of my booger encrusted face?

Well, okay, I'm cute enough to compensate for my snottage! Look! It's a neigh! And a moo!

*almost makes you miss those days of blogs about poop, don't it?

Friday, July 27, 2007

Still sick...

Blegh. Blech. Argh. Ouch. Fever fever fever, throat swollen sore ouchy.

"It'll hurt if I swallow, it'll hurt if I swallow, it'll hurt if I... MOMMY!!!"

Not strep, viral, can't do anything about it. Sent the girl to a local babysitter yesterday for many hours, she wouldn't nap there, brought her home, she wouldn't nap here (!), she was awake ALL DAY with no nap.

Yoav is super wunder Abba who is capable of doing things despite his ickiness, and I am but a mass of germiness and weakness. We cancelled us going out for dinner tonight, we're buying / making food, my throat glands are out to HERE, and kvetch kvetch kvetch.

Yoav just called from the pharmacy that he got some homeopathic viral strep medication. I will mainline it when he gets home.

Good shabbos!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sick day, parents' turn

If I'm sick, and Yoav's sick... who's the grownup!?

We think it's strep, test will be back tomorrow. I was so grumpy and feverish and achy (like reminicent of labor, actually, same lower back ouchies) that I naturally stayed at work all day, since working was a lot easier than going home and having to be responsible for a little person.

So we went home on time, went to the doctor, and my amazing husband sent me to bed for a while while he dozed on the couch supervising the child. Then my Tylenol kicked in adequately and I was able to come out and do bathtime, bedtime, etc. And now I'm munching away on one of the whole wheat, soy milk and green bean baby food pancakes I made her, since she's teething and hardly eating herself!

She also has that same diaper rash (the icky thrush one) again, all of a sudden. At least we know how to treat it this time!

So we'll stay home tomorrow and will farm out the child to a local babysitter so we can sleep. Well, so we can sleep and review Harry Potter, which Yoav is only getting to now. I never mentioned that Saturday night when I read it, he let me do NOTHING whilst he cleaned up from shabbos, did all the dishes, cleared the table, washed the floor, etc, etc. If I weren't so darned sick I would let him do nothing while he reads, but oops, I am!

That pancake so needs syrup.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Some pictures to tide you over

I'm so tired today... hmm... wonder why...

And wait until you get to chapter 48 when Harry travels back in time to play live with the Beatles in San Francisco - oops, I promised no spoilers! Yeah yeah yeah!

Here's the girl erev shabbos in her finery, awaiting her crazy parents (the ones running around in the usual pre-shabbos headless chicken race), and one from today when the lighting was just... perfect. Like her...

...Perfect? Okay, a handful. A major, unmistakeable, threatening to start acting like a two year old eight months early handful, but a PERFECT Princess Handful!

And yes Uncle Micah, I'll take more videos soon. I spent a while clearing out half my one-gigabyte memory card (I ran out of cds to burn, hence only half) so now I am flush with memory again and can video.

I made all gone!

Please note the time below!

I finished it. I'm not even a little bit tired.

All I will say - no spoilers here - is JK Rowling is WAY more creative than any of us gave her credit for, and while some things I would have written differently (and it's hard not to have some of those, coming from a religious perspective).. yeah. Yeah. That was a great, great ride.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend update*

So we stopped nursing in the mornings... well, except for THIS morning, because I had to go to work and I was hoping (at 6:45 AM) that I could get Prunella back to sleep to make it easier on Yoav (who was awake since 5 AM with the ambulance), but alas, no go.

She's been asleep now for HOURS tho - thank God!

I now have to work on Friday, 9-noon, about once every five weeks. Grumble, grumble.

As you all know, unless you're living under a rock, the last Harry Potter book comes out tomorrow, and the bookstore in Beit Shemesh is opening on motzei shabbos! So off I'll get to pick up my preordered copy of the American edition, and read it I will that very nice. I would never be able to put it down and go to work, so I'll just read all night Saturday night and be a little groggy at work on Sunday. No one will probably notice a difference.

I'm glad you're all reading this blog, because just about any other place on the internet has random HP spoilers... Like on a video site, a comment about a video showing the Mentos and Diet Coke experiments said, "___ dies on page ___" (but, clearly, with words filled in for the blanks). People can be so blechy!

So shabbos is cooking, we're all managing, the house is getting clean and I'm blogging! Sorry no new pictures just now.

*That's the news, and I am outa here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reassurance please!

I'm supposed to be in my crib, sleeping away... I just crept out because... Well, I heard a rumor (Mommy and Abba really need to be more careful when they're talking in the front seat and think I'm asleep in the back) that this week Mommy is going to stop nursing me.

I'm only 16 months old!

Lemme do some quick math on my toes (I like to play with my toes)... I've probably spent 10% of my LIFE (okay, think back to those early days... maybe it's more like 20%, and there were days it was 50-75%!) nursing, and now it's going to be all over.

My friends at the metapelet tell me that in like a week, I'll forget all about it. I won't remember it at all. Then again, some of them are chugging chocolate milk in their bottles, so they don't necessarily have the culinary refinement that I do.

Oh well. Lately whenever I nurse, these big warm salty drops keep falling on my head from my Mommy's face. And she keeps making these chokey noises in the middle of her singing.

I hope Mommy (and Abba) will still want to cuddle with me. I hope they know how much I need to cuddle, even if sometimes I seem too busy. That's all nursing is.. was.. cuddling, and Hashem knew I needed to cuddle this much, so he had my Mommy nurse me this long.

But I'm still a baby. I still need to be babied. I still want to open all the kitchen cabinets and to be allowed to run out into the street and stay in the front seat of the car, but I'm still a baby. Really.

I will now return to my regularly scheduled cribby.

Then and now: what are we, pillows?*

In the hospital...

A week old with Zayde...

This week...


Monday, July 16, 2007


I should be in bed, but...

Wanted to tell you all that B"H the girl is FINE, just fine, top to tush to toes and all (okay, she has a little callous on the side of her food which I think is from the new sandals and doesn't bother her at all but I'm a bad mother for letting anything toughen up her cunning little tootsies). Well, she's still coughing, actually, nasty coughs, but hey, she's happy! And Thursday she sneezed so, um, effectively while we were driving to work that I had to pull over to tend to her nose - mouth - face. Yum!

My throat is hurting. Shh, ignore it and it will go away.

Oh, and I've finally decided to go see an eye doctor since my eyes have been hurting for, um, months (only from like 9 PM every night! And I just don't focus well the first fifteen minutes I'm awake! That's like normal, right?) Maybe I can just email the best eye doctor in the world, Dr. Jacobson back in Houston...

I just made my daughter her lunch for tomorrow. She gets applesauce, diced plum and oatmeal; chopped cucumbers and tomatoes; a honey and cream cheese sandwich (on whole wheat, of course); her little sweet banana flavored yogurt thing... and of course, inevitable formula. The metapelet today tried to talk me out of my planned weaning of the child off the bottle and off the formula this summer, saying formula is more convenient than milk (well, when it comes to sending it with her to the metapelet, yes, but...) and it's good for her and milk isn't cheaper since she'll drink so much, and why not leave her with a bottle, she's still a baby, still needs to suck, what's wrong with a 3 year old still having a bottle, etc, etc, etc.

Tough. I'm still going to try to get her off of it.

I think my semicolons above were incorrect. I apologize.

I've finished rereading all 6 Harry Potter books now, out of order so as better to compare them. I am SO ready for book 7. Expect no blogging within a day or so of me getting it. Do you believe I spent over $30 on it? Sheesh!

We are waiting to hear back from our rav about uprooting our lemon tree. The gardner says we need to start over, it's just not a well tree, that by now (3 years after it was planted) it should be big and making fruit, not looking like a gnarled stick with two leaves taped on it. So if the rabbi lets, we'll get rid of it and put in a new, larger, healthier one. Yay! More money!

Oh yeah, the plumber came an hour before shabbos (!) and installed a new pressure valve on the dood. All fixed, 200 shekel. Not too bad. Leaves us more money to buy a lemon tree (and yes, it will cost more than that).

I have met the blather, and she is us. Goodnight!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

This weekend in pictures*

*When I say 'weekend' of course, I am including Sunday only for my American readers. I was at work today, and remotely again tonight. Sing along with me... Summertime, and the office is bizzzzzzy....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Be careful what you wish for...

B"H the girl is almost 100% better - heck, I'd give her 99%. A little kvetchier than usual, because I think she's tireder than usual, but she doesn't have as much opportunity for sleep as she needs... whatever. Today at home she was whining (really) for a "bodel, bodel" (bottle)... and Mommy didn't let! I nursed her, she calmed down, we went on.

Of course, tonight just now before bed she nursed and BIT. Like all four teeth BIT. OW!! And I yelped "ow!" (okay, YOU try not yelping!) and moved her away and oy, she cried and cried... for about thirty seconds, then I nursed her some more and put her in her crib, and she turned over and went to sleep. Kaput.

Anyway, back to our title, I always wanted a pond in my backyard, you know?

Well, that's the nice new red boat-shaped kiddy pool we bought the girl ("Mommy, why am I taking a bath outside and I'm still wearing a diaper?"). A while back we had a problem with our dood (water boiler) dripping a teeny bit, which made a scummy puddle on our porch and we were sick of it. It couldn't be fixed, I don't remember why (although I recal my father spending oodles of time with that wierd gasket on a roll stuff trying to fix it), so the plumber rigged a hose so the little drip drip could at least stay off my porch and benefit the grass.

We noticed the grass was doing VERY well with the drip drip lately.

Then we picked up the hose. Hmm... that drip drip is rather like a stream...

So the picture above is the hose in the bucket in the pool after less than two hours. Houston, we have a problem. So the plumber has been called, and my guess is we're in for a large expense. Joy. Rapture. Well, what else is money for?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Sick day II

She stayed home again today, again because she had quite the fever this morning. (Like her weary head on my shoulder was uncomfortably hot through my shirt!) But once she was dosed, she was perfectly happy until evening, when the fever came back. Dose again, la la la, she's fine.

I am tempted to just dose her and send her to the metapelet pretending that she's not still running a fever. But that would be Wrong, and not Doing Unto Others-y of me. Still tempting.

This picture is from today. Specks of sweet potato on her cheeks notwithstanding, doesn't she look fine? Because she IS fine!

I think it's just teething (she's been drooling, chewing her finger, and of course, her messy recent diaper habits). Can anyone confirm my diagnosis? You can blame EVERYTHING on teething! Middle east conflict? Teething, definitely.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sick day (well, at least it's been a while!)

Tushy: almost all clear, thank God!
Eye infection: almost all clear, thank God!
Lungs: well, the doc SAID they're perfectly clear (thank God!) but BOY does she sound lousy. Hoarse and coughing and squeaking. But her throat isn't red or swollen and the truth is, besides being a bit more tired than usual (item: she slept 12 beautiful consecutive hours Thursday night, and then took a 3 hour nap on Friday!), oh, and running a fever at least part of Friday, shabbos, and today - she's perfectly fine and happy! Doc said it's, brace yourself, viral!! Hey, that's why she went to med school.

She went down the slide in the park today several times by herself. Okay, she needed a little help getting back up to start over, but otherwise, weeeeeee!

And today she pointed to our decorated chicken poster (sorry, I can't find an online image of it, it's just one of those things you have to come to my house (or the Israel Museum) to see), and said "chicken!" Which is pretty funny, since she was eating something she calls "chicken" at the same time, namely a fake-chicken soy thingy, which means she thinks a chicken is a soy bean, I don't know... But isn't she something??

Friday, July 06, 2007

I appreciate you, Mommy!

Even though I'm sleeping (and pretty impressive, actually, that I didn't wake up with all that noise you were making in the kitchen on the other side of my cribby wall!), I just wanted to remind you that when it was time for me to be born, Hashem showed me all the couples waiting for little tochters, and I looked down from shamayim and I picked you.

So there. Neh yourself.

Now go to sleep, because I got big plans to learn to run tomorrow.

Martyr, martyr, martyr

It's well nigh to one AM. I've been awake since 6:30 this morning, work was busy busy busy (so busy that I was playing with the idea of going to work tomorrow (when I don't have to, just so I can fend off the delluge of emails on Sunday), I came home and made dinner for someone who just had a baby (and us) and ran and delivered it and came home and put the daughter to bed (read four (five?) books, nurse, sing sing sing, leave room, scream scream scream, go back in, sing sing sing, sleep), go to work in the kitchen, make three different kinds of roasted vegetables AND fish AND egg salad AND wash way too many dishes AND clean up the kitchen, have three minute conversation with husband who comes in from late MDA meeting and has to go to sleep, and now I have to blog because no one else is doing it!!

And I work harder than every single mother, nay, human being in the entire universe. Neh.

Thank you. I feel mildly better now. Incidentally, so does my daughter's charming little bottom; the annoying thing is we're using so many products on it, we don't know which one did the trick! Of course, now she has antibiotic drops for her, surpise!, eye infection.

Today's new word: "raower" as in, "look at all the pretty raowers!"

Let's look at someone cute, while I go to sleep for approximately 6 hours before someone wakes up. Good tooth shot:

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Summertime is Abbatime

Well, our tushy is still a wreck, despite two presciption thingies from the doc and the metapelet loaning me HER favorite cream, and bacitracin and powder and and and... at least tonight she wasn't too uncomfortable to sit down in the tubby, so hopefully we're getting better.

Our little prodigy now knows that in the middle of her arms are her "elmos" (does Sesame Street know about this?) and a cow says "muh." She also said to Abba yesterday, "I lieb doch" - AW!

Speaking of Abba, thanks to all the seminary girls going home (and thanks to Mommy being, sigh, more busy with work than usual (because all the seminary girls are home!!)), we get to play with Abba A LOT! Hurray!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Saba and Savta*, we salute you

Fixed video link below!
Prunellatush has a BAD old diaper rash. Well, it was absurdedly hot last week, and inside those wonderful waterproof contraptions it can get kinda warm. So we've been treating it with Desitin and some other Israeli version thereof, and trying to change her more promptly, and being dilligent about the tub, etc, etc. It gets better, gets worse, gets better... This morning it was better, and this afternoon it was HORRIBLE. Poor baby girl.

So rather than gird my loins, I girded hers! (aside: every now and then I write things on the blog that my husband says so me, "You can't say that!" This is going to be one of them. Pity he's not here!)

I was actually very proud of my technique, triangle bandage styling one spit-up cloth with another rolled on the inside for extra absorbtion. And she is truly the latest in sumo-style diaper fashion.

And then... well, you coulda seen it coming. And it came. Blech. Something musta upset the little tochtertummy, which is no doubt aggravating the rash... ouchie. Sound effects too (is all this too much detail for you?). And hence, we now have a new respect for Saba and Savta, who diapered Yoav, um, naturally. Go you!

Anyway, on a different topic, please don't think the wet marks on the sides of the girl's tushy below are from anything than the water she poured on herself while in her highchair:

*and Paw and Ganger (my grandparents) ditto, who used cloth diapers with my mother without a washing machine. Nothing says love like scrubbing poop on a washboard.