Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baruch rofei cholim!

We are SO much better! Yay healing power of shabbos! Yay healing power of homeopathy! Yay healing power of my neighbor's chicken soup! Yay God!

So we're just about wholly recovered. This means we are once again able to bring you cute pictures of the girl and her prodigious boogerage. She has been so prolific in boogers* that we've stopped trying to clean all of them out at any given time, since it makes her SO miserable and her little nostril skin was chafing too...

She's is now officially weaned. I don't think this is actually related, since for the last couple weeks she's been nursing so little that there's hardly a difference, but lately she BUGS OUT if you try to put her in her crib, even if she's already snoring happily on your shoulder. Okay, not ALL the time, but like 3 outa 4 naps or bedtimes. No idea why. She then screams or cries for a bit and falls asleep (or screams until she throws up, in which case we go after her, change clothes and sheets, and start over again (note: it's not like she screams for an hour and yukes - more like three minutes). Tonight it was the same thing - regular bedtime routine, pooped out little girl, bath and massage and teeth and books and shema and singing and - aiiiiiiiieee! Spoke to her gently on my shoulder, told her I had to put her in the crib and why, she was quiet, put her down, she cried (but didn't scream, whew) and in a couple minutes was out cold. But why???

She's also threatening to change her nap schedule, i.e. only an afternoon nap, not a morning-noonish nap. I'm not sure we let. More as this story develops...

Caption: Bathtime? Wait, I have to run and get a book first! It's been 36.4 seconds since we finished the LAST book, and you've only read "Zoe's Gift" twelve times today! That's three times less than YESTERDAY!

I'm considering telling her Zoe died. Actually, I hid the book.

Mommy, are you sure my public can take the sight of my booger encrusted face?

Well, okay, I'm cute enough to compensate for my snottage! Look! It's a neigh! And a moo!

*almost makes you miss those days of blogs about poop, don't it?

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Bilha said...

Miriam's been doing the same thing when we put her down. Unfortunatly I got into the habit of nursing her to sleep (which is a big no no). Every time she was already asleep in my arms and I would try to transfer her to the crib she'd start screaming. In our case it's an ear infection (number five this year I think but hey, who's counting?) Usually, they cry when you go to put them down because it hurts their ears. Try warming her bed a little with a heating pad. It's good for the ears. Good luck.