Monday, July 16, 2007


I should be in bed, but...

Wanted to tell you all that B"H the girl is FINE, just fine, top to tush to toes and all (okay, she has a little callous on the side of her food which I think is from the new sandals and doesn't bother her at all but I'm a bad mother for letting anything toughen up her cunning little tootsies). Well, she's still coughing, actually, nasty coughs, but hey, she's happy! And Thursday she sneezed so, um, effectively while we were driving to work that I had to pull over to tend to her nose - mouth - face. Yum!

My throat is hurting. Shh, ignore it and it will go away.

Oh, and I've finally decided to go see an eye doctor since my eyes have been hurting for, um, months (only from like 9 PM every night! And I just don't focus well the first fifteen minutes I'm awake! That's like normal, right?) Maybe I can just email the best eye doctor in the world, Dr. Jacobson back in Houston...

I just made my daughter her lunch for tomorrow. She gets applesauce, diced plum and oatmeal; chopped cucumbers and tomatoes; a honey and cream cheese sandwich (on whole wheat, of course); her little sweet banana flavored yogurt thing... and of course, inevitable formula. The metapelet today tried to talk me out of my planned weaning of the child off the bottle and off the formula this summer, saying formula is more convenient than milk (well, when it comes to sending it with her to the metapelet, yes, but...) and it's good for her and milk isn't cheaper since she'll drink so much, and why not leave her with a bottle, she's still a baby, still needs to suck, what's wrong with a 3 year old still having a bottle, etc, etc, etc.

Tough. I'm still going to try to get her off of it.

I think my semicolons above were incorrect. I apologize.

I've finished rereading all 6 Harry Potter books now, out of order so as better to compare them. I am SO ready for book 7. Expect no blogging within a day or so of me getting it. Do you believe I spent over $30 on it? Sheesh!

We are waiting to hear back from our rav about uprooting our lemon tree. The gardner says we need to start over, it's just not a well tree, that by now (3 years after it was planted) it should be big and making fruit, not looking like a gnarled stick with two leaves taped on it. So if the rabbi lets, we'll get rid of it and put in a new, larger, healthier one. Yay! More money!

Oh yeah, the plumber came an hour before shabbos (!) and installed a new pressure valve on the dood. All fixed, 200 shekel. Not too bad. Leaves us more money to buy a lemon tree (and yes, it will cost more than that).

I have met the blather, and she is us. Goodnight!

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Chuck Norris (Stewart) said...

200 shekels for emergency plumbling in Israel is a lot cheaper than 600 shekels for my Jerusalem emergency room for a sunburn (compliments of a Port Canaveral, FL deep sea fishing trip) and 1800 shekels for Marie's Jerusalem emergency root canal (from breaking her tooth/crown in Eilat). We did our part for the balance of payment situation.