Friday, July 06, 2007

Martyr, martyr, martyr

It's well nigh to one AM. I've been awake since 6:30 this morning, work was busy busy busy (so busy that I was playing with the idea of going to work tomorrow (when I don't have to, just so I can fend off the delluge of emails on Sunday), I came home and made dinner for someone who just had a baby (and us) and ran and delivered it and came home and put the daughter to bed (read four (five?) books, nurse, sing sing sing, leave room, scream scream scream, go back in, sing sing sing, sleep), go to work in the kitchen, make three different kinds of roasted vegetables AND fish AND egg salad AND wash way too many dishes AND clean up the kitchen, have three minute conversation with husband who comes in from late MDA meeting and has to go to sleep, and now I have to blog because no one else is doing it!!

And I work harder than every single mother, nay, human being in the entire universe. Neh.

Thank you. I feel mildly better now. Incidentally, so does my daughter's charming little bottom; the annoying thing is we're using so many products on it, we don't know which one did the trick! Of course, now she has antibiotic drops for her, surpise!, eye infection.

Today's new word: "raower" as in, "look at all the pretty raowers!"

Let's look at someone cute, while I go to sleep for approximately 6 hours before someone wakes up. Good tooth shot:

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Faye Berman said...

Neh you said neh!!!!!!!!!!!!