Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reassurance please!

I'm supposed to be in my crib, sleeping away... I just crept out because... Well, I heard a rumor (Mommy and Abba really need to be more careful when they're talking in the front seat and think I'm asleep in the back) that this week Mommy is going to stop nursing me.

I'm only 16 months old!

Lemme do some quick math on my toes (I like to play with my toes)... I've probably spent 10% of my LIFE (okay, think back to those early days... maybe it's more like 20%, and there were days it was 50-75%!) nursing, and now it's going to be all over.

My friends at the metapelet tell me that in like a week, I'll forget all about it. I won't remember it at all. Then again, some of them are chugging chocolate milk in their bottles, so they don't necessarily have the culinary refinement that I do.

Oh well. Lately whenever I nurse, these big warm salty drops keep falling on my head from my Mommy's face. And she keeps making these chokey noises in the middle of her singing.

I hope Mommy (and Abba) will still want to cuddle with me. I hope they know how much I need to cuddle, even if sometimes I seem too busy. That's all nursing is.. was.. cuddling, and Hashem knew I needed to cuddle this much, so he had my Mommy nurse me this long.

But I'm still a baby. I still need to be babied. I still want to open all the kitchen cabinets and to be allowed to run out into the street and stay in the front seat of the car, but I'm still a baby. Really.

I will now return to my regularly scheduled cribby.


Yitz/Yaffa said...

Your friends at the 'pelet are mistaken. You'll forget that you ever nursed in 2-3 weeks. Good luck! Buy a head of cabbage, Miriam!

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Lol haha hehe :)

brenderan said...

Another milestone, eh SR. You're growing up SO fast. Just make sure Mommy and Abba remember to love every minute of it since you'll be riding a bike without training wheels in the street before you know it.