Sunday, July 01, 2007

Saba and Savta*, we salute you

Fixed video link below!
Prunellatush has a BAD old diaper rash. Well, it was absurdedly hot last week, and inside those wonderful waterproof contraptions it can get kinda warm. So we've been treating it with Desitin and some other Israeli version thereof, and trying to change her more promptly, and being dilligent about the tub, etc, etc. It gets better, gets worse, gets better... This morning it was better, and this afternoon it was HORRIBLE. Poor baby girl.

So rather than gird my loins, I girded hers! (aside: every now and then I write things on the blog that my husband says so me, "You can't say that!" This is going to be one of them. Pity he's not here!)

I was actually very proud of my technique, triangle bandage styling one spit-up cloth with another rolled on the inside for extra absorbtion. And she is truly the latest in sumo-style diaper fashion.

And then... well, you coulda seen it coming. And it came. Blech. Something musta upset the little tochtertummy, which is no doubt aggravating the rash... ouchie. Sound effects too (is all this too much detail for you?). And hence, we now have a new respect for Saba and Savta, who diapered Yoav, um, naturally. Go you!

Anyway, on a different topic, please don't think the wet marks on the sides of the girl's tushy below are from anything than the water she poured on herself while in her highchair:

*and Paw and Ganger (my grandparents) ditto, who used cloth diapers with my mother without a washing machine. Nothing says love like scrubbing poop on a washboard.


Rebecca said...

nice video...definitely a new and innovative way to use your child....
miss u!

Debbie said...

ok first thanks for that lovely description its helping the dinner digest. second, i met my little sister (adina Block) last night at r oratz's shiur and WOW! lol could you possibly have assigned me a more lively ball of fire?? ahh she reminds me of me in the pre grad school days... all happy and cheerful... maybe she should be my big sister insread. anyway just wanted to let u know we hit it off!!