Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sick day, parents' turn

If I'm sick, and Yoav's sick... who's the grownup!?

We think it's strep, test will be back tomorrow. I was so grumpy and feverish and achy (like reminicent of labor, actually, same lower back ouchies) that I naturally stayed at work all day, since working was a lot easier than going home and having to be responsible for a little person.

So we went home on time, went to the doctor, and my amazing husband sent me to bed for a while while he dozed on the couch supervising the child. Then my Tylenol kicked in adequately and I was able to come out and do bathtime, bedtime, etc. And now I'm munching away on one of the whole wheat, soy milk and green bean baby food pancakes I made her, since she's teething and hardly eating herself!

She also has that same diaper rash (the icky thrush one) again, all of a sudden. At least we know how to treat it this time!

So we'll stay home tomorrow and will farm out the child to a local babysitter so we can sleep. Well, so we can sleep and review Harry Potter, which Yoav is only getting to now. I never mentioned that Saturday night when I read it, he let me do NOTHING whilst he cleaned up from shabbos, did all the dishes, cleared the table, washed the floor, etc, etc. If I weren't so darned sick I would let him do nothing while he reads, but oops, I am!

That pancake so needs syrup.

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brenda said...

Bet your co-workers were glad to see you off that day.
Hope everyone's feeling better soon.