Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sick day (well, at least it's been a while!)

Tushy: almost all clear, thank God!
Eye infection: almost all clear, thank God!
Lungs: well, the doc SAID they're perfectly clear (thank God!) but BOY does she sound lousy. Hoarse and coughing and squeaking. But her throat isn't red or swollen and the truth is, besides being a bit more tired than usual (item: she slept 12 beautiful consecutive hours Thursday night, and then took a 3 hour nap on Friday!), oh, and running a fever at least part of Friday, shabbos, and today - she's perfectly fine and happy! Doc said it's, brace yourself, viral!! Hey, that's why she went to med school.

She went down the slide in the park today several times by herself. Okay, she needed a little help getting back up to start over, but otherwise, weeeeeee!

And today she pointed to our decorated chicken poster (sorry, I can't find an online image of it, it's just one of those things you have to come to my house (or the Israel Museum) to see), and said "chicken!" Which is pretty funny, since she was eating something she calls "chicken" at the same time, namely a fake-chicken soy thingy, which means she thinks a chicken is a soy bean, I don't know... But isn't she something??

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socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Hi it's been a while, happy she is almost all better even though I didn't know she was sick before.