Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekend update*

So we stopped nursing in the mornings... well, except for THIS morning, because I had to go to work and I was hoping (at 6:45 AM) that I could get Prunella back to sleep to make it easier on Yoav (who was awake since 5 AM with the ambulance), but alas, no go.

She's been asleep now for HOURS tho - thank God!

I now have to work on Friday, 9-noon, about once every five weeks. Grumble, grumble.

As you all know, unless you're living under a rock, the last Harry Potter book comes out tomorrow, and the bookstore in Beit Shemesh is opening on motzei shabbos! So off I'll get to pick up my preordered copy of the American edition, and read it I will that very nice. I would never be able to put it down and go to work, so I'll just read all night Saturday night and be a little groggy at work on Sunday. No one will probably notice a difference.

I'm glad you're all reading this blog, because just about any other place on the internet has random HP spoilers... Like on a video site, a comment about a video showing the Mentos and Diet Coke experiments said, "___ dies on page ___" (but, clearly, with words filled in for the blanks). People can be so blechy!

So shabbos is cooking, we're all managing, the house is getting clean and I'm blogging! Sorry no new pictures just now.

*That's the news, and I am outa here!


Sabba Lenny said...

Alternatively, some children try to see how long they can make the candy last. Me, I don't mind spreading the reading of a good book over many weeks. It doesn't interfere with my sleep, TV, tennis, softball or work. But, other children get so excited by the candy that they attack it and savor the high, however brief.

Anonymous said...

in normal circumstances, we'd love to savor potter put its ot possible with all the leaks and spoilers all over the place! im afraid to leave my house motz shabbos to get the book. i also plan on staying up all night finishing it, cause if not, the ending will get out anyway and then its ruined.
-nechama gorf

Yitz/Yaffa said...

they accidentally shipped some copies last week, and my bro in law got one early. they bribed him with some vouchers not to tell anyone that he got it so early. he's probably done with it by now.

Faye Berman said...

How was it??