Thursday, August 09, 2007

And you thought we forgot!

The long awaited update!

As promised... Here's all the random (that word was just for you, Mom) stuff that's been keeping me away from hearth and blog over the last week or so...

ATV Anniversary!
Yoav took me ATVing for our anniversary last week (that is, we went last week; our anniversary was only yesterday on the English calendar, tonight on the Hebrew). We had to go last week to get the full moon, because we went for a moonlit tour!! A very, very dusty moonlit tour.

From the before and after shots there you see how my husband looked like Rav Elazar ben Azarya, replete with white beard. Jeepers! Happy eighth anniversary to us! You'll be happy to know the dust DID all wash out of our clothes (I should be happy - at least Yoav didn't wear a TIE, just a white shirt. Gevalt.)

Punky Tochter!
A benevolent grandmother gave us a package of headbands a while back, and the girl has taken to liking them, a lot! Note that unlike other mothers, I waited until my child actually HAD some hair before I put headbands on her - none of those random garter looking things on my baldy! Of course, she still has her grandfather's hairline, but we can pray...
Anyway, she likes to wear more than one at once, hence this shot. Note her increasing artistry as well! Thanks again to Brenda for these non-toxic crayons, she said as she got little crayon bits out of her daughter's mouth..

Enter Bill Cosby!
Nechy and co. came for shabbos last week, and brought us a Brooklyn Bake Shop cake. Yumm... but, not on our diets. So, what to do with it? Hey! Dinner for the kiddo!

Never fear - she's still sitting pretty at 20 pounds.

Let's see what else happened... Last night I didn't blog because I was making up a wedding invitation for a couple who was married, then both converted together, and now they're getting married again - so cute! Not blogging, but for a good cause.

Work is crazy now. I really, really, REALLY need someone to work nights for the next two months. I offered to fly in my brother, but he said no... Any takers? But you have to start Sunday. And have a brain.

Oh, and Monday night we were at Esther Brody's wedding (and Tuesday night at sheva brachos - see why I haven't been blogging??).

Esther works in my office, besides me having known her since seminary, and we were all so excited to be at the wedding (look SR, a kallah! "Kaleh!"), so much so that I've almost forgiven her for getting married during our busy season at work (sheesh, she coulda eloped like 6 weeks ago!!).

My new quest is to pick out and buy something from It is SO wicked awesome cool (was that an 80s phrase or what?), not the least because when it's dirty you pick up the offending square and wash it in the sink! Thanks Shira for the tip off. Now go back to work.

And with that, I think we're up to date. Whew!

addendum: Oh yeah, and I went to the dentist yesterday. No cavities!! Yay! Yoav, on the other hand, has 'em. That must be what happened. He lost weight in his teeth!


Leonard said...

1.Happy anniversary to you(3x)
dear Yoav and Miriam, H A to you.
2.Best pictures, and SR is getting cuter every day.
P.S. we recognized the white/blue dress as well as the headbands.
3. Love and Kisses, Imma and Abba

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the up dates. Happy Anniversary is it really 8 years? WOW!! Love you all Mom Lavitt

brenda said...

Cute pics...I immediately thought of the white bearded chachamim.

We love those BIG crayons and get sets regularly since they break easily.

May I urge you NOT to buy carpeting from flor. Do you remember the brown carpet in the den at my parents house?-it took us YEARS to get over the bumps and bruises from not having proper carpet padding or piling. We just recently remodeled that part of the house (while they were on sojurn to Israel) and that was one of the 1st things on the list TO GO!!!

Bilha said...

You do know that I never received an e-mail from you about the job. bilhaboyarsky at yahoo dot com
Good luck finding someone.

Faye Berman said...

I finally finished Harry Potter! The pics are great.

Miriam the Mommy said...

Brenda, it's not flor vs. real carpeting with padding, etc. It's flor vs. 200 shekel rug that I can't wash and isn't very soft!

If I was gonna buy a REAL carpet, that would be one thing, but you remember living here - who has wall-to-wall? (okay, some people, but not most of us plebes!)

Faye Berman said...

ok I love you and all, but that sheitel just looks weird on you. Not that it isn't a lovely sheitel, but hello, curly hair???

Miriam the Mommy said...

Neh, did we totally forget what my hair used to look like?

Faye Berman said...

no dear, I was saying that YOUR hair was curly, and the shortish, straightish sheitel looked, um... we'll say different!