Monday, September 17, 2007

Da bears

She kept saying "Ditka" today. What does this mean??????

Sarah Rochel - the partial dictionary
(meaning, the words she says that you mightn't know what the heck she meant if it weren't for this guide)

Bawkle: bottle, as in "BAWKLE! BAWKLE! Now, lady!"

Tee: tree, as in "I don't care if it's shmita, I can rip this leaf off!"

Hello: phone, as in, "It's my turn to talk on that thing now."

Tik: her lunchbox, actually a Hebrew word. She sometimes picks it (or her diaper bag) up, walks to the door and says, "Bye bye." It does not matter if we have just arrived home. It also doesn't matter that her tik weighs as much as she does.

Toot toot: this Wiggles video clip that we should never have shown her, because now whenever she sees an open computer lid she starts going "Toot toot! Toot toot!" until we show it to her, or distract her.

Hi tair: High chair, as in "Please stop forgetting to feed me, and I don't care if you're on South Beach - I need carbs!"

Jews: Not a religious reference, but a request for a colored beverage.

Sayta: My sheytle, accompanied by "make nice" motions on the side of my head.

besides her father, her bouncy zebra toy outside. I have no idea how "zebra" became "abba," and SR ain't talking. Well, she is talking, just not explaining.

Abear: a bear, as in, "look, abear in the woods!"

Dirty word we do NOT like that she says instead of 'poop' that rhymes with "docky": "Please pick me up and look at my tushy. I might have peed, I might have pooped (although usually when I poop, besides this word I ALSO say "pooppp"), but most likely I just want the attention of someone picking me up and looking at my tushy."


Debbie said...

They say (and by "they" I mean the proverbial "they" that know everything there is to know about child rearing)that when a child is aware of her rhymes with docky's, she is ready for the big potty training. because.... I dont remember. something about being aware of her body. now, whether her ima and abba are ready, thats a different story :-)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you forgot to mention Tapta...

nechama gorf said...

debbie, she's 1 and a half! i mean, shes advanced and all, but come on!
i like the big red car video too, maybe ill come over and watch it with sr

Debbie said...

gorf you'd be surprised how early some kids are ready for the big P

Faye said...

Ok, you are too funny, but have you taught her the versatility of the word neh yet? I bet you have not. She is quite the talkative toddler, but then she is your daughter. Just for old times sake... NEH!

Faye said...

oh ass a side note, I LOVE the SNL reference, and yes, I understand that it connects to your Mike Ditka reference, see, I am awake, I am, I am!

Debbie said...

hhahaha they were talking about Mike Ditka on the radio today. I had to laugh. of course I thought of you guys, but hey when am I not thinking about you guys!!

brenda said...

Let's be optimistic and translate the kidspeak to something positive like: Ditka = "Its gooood..." Phonically, not phonetically speaking it just might work!